Wednesday, February 12, 2020

My 2020 FanFest Afternoon -- I Took a Tour of the Pavilion Construction

It's been nearly three weeks since the Dodgers FanFest was held in the Dodgers parking lot, and I'm only now putting up some of my pics. So, I apologize for the delay.

As you may know, the afternoon was filled with sunshine, plenty of Dodger fervor and lines galore... Like, there was a long line for everything. So long, in fact, I found myself wondering around rather than queuing up with the throng of masses. That said, I was able to check out a bunch of events -- including taking a stadium tour of the construction being done in the outfield pavilion. In fact, a majority of this post will feature photos from that tour.

BTW, for a look back at my past post of this event check out the links below.  There are plenty of photos to look through, and links to other sites with their stories and photos.

A Dodgers 2018 National League Championship Ring on Auction

I know a consolation prize like a pennant winning championship ring is not what you want to see, but I'm going to show you it anyway.

Featured here is a closer look at the Dodgers 2018 National League Championship ring, and it's currently on auction through Goldin Auctions (link here). At the time of this posting it is at $1,600, with 10 days to go.

I like that it makes notes of the Dodgers slogan that season -- "LA Determined" -- and celebrates winning two consecutive pennants.

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Blog Kiosk: 2/12/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Check out the above 2020 Topps "Decades' Best" insert card featuring the Dodgers celebrating their 1963 World Series sweep of the Yankees. Do you notice something weird about it?

It should jump out as plain as day.

Well... If you don't see it, don't feel bad. I missed it too. Fortunately, bbcardz -- who writes the Stadium Fantasium Dodger blog -- caught it and let me know. (He wrote about it here)

For whatever reason Topps chose to give the Dodgers celebrating in the photo red numbers on their backs.... Red? What a screw up!

I figured I'd see if I could find an original copy of the photo and came across it on an RMY Auction from just a few weeks ago. It was taken by Larry Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times and is in B&W. So clearly, something went array as they were colorizing the photo, and some person behind a computer (likely figuring that since the Dodgers numbers on front are red, then so must the numbers on the back) messed it up.

I wonder if Topps will make a corrected version of this error. Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 2009 a $4.8MM civil lawsuit was filed against former Dodger infielder José Offerman by catcher John Nathans. As a member of the independent Long Island Ducks in 2007 he charged the pitcher with his bat in tow after being hit by a pitch. The pitcher suffered a broken finger and the catcher had a concussion (effectively ending his playing career) from the melee. Offerman is eventually found guilty and ordered to pay $940,000.
  • Happy BirthdaySweetbread BaileyEnzo HernándezDon Stanhouse & Dennis Springer!