Monday, September 27, 2010

LA Kings: Are You Ready for the Start of the Season?

Can it be, the LA Kings are actually favored by NHL experts. How is this possible? The Kings had been the laughing stock of the league for so long it's hard to believe they could actually be favored to win anything. But there you go, Pierre LeBrun of ESPN says we will win the Pacific Division. I don't think a Kings team has been ranked this high since the days of Gretzky.

10. No 'I' in team
The Kings are a team. They are a tight-knit group. Many teams claim this, but not all actually are.

"A few years ago, only one or two players trained here in the summer. Now these guys all train together here in the summer," Lombardi said during Kings camp. "I've got a room that cares, there's no doubt in my mind."

That chemistry is a likely product of Lombardi's careful and patient rebuilding.

"We really got put together slowly but surely," Kopitar said. "Every guy on our team has a role, and that's really important. We don't rely on one or two guys. We are a team. That's what made us successful last year, and hopefully we can build on that and go further than we did."

PREDICTION: The Kings will win the Pacific Division and reach at least the second round of the playoffs. This roster isn't done improving. Look for GM Dean Lombardi to add another piece or two before the March trade deadline.

On top of that, TSN is running their annual team previews and they have the Kings ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the league. Go here to see it.

By the way, there are plenty of great blogs to read about the Kings, especially Rich Hammond's official Kings blog LA Kings Insider, but I wanted to make a special gesture to point you all to one of my favorite blogs called Surly & Scribe (LA Kings News). It's always a fun read. Besides, Surly happens to be my seat neighbor during home games, so be sure to check them out.

Go Kings Go!

Hat Tip: Surly & Scribe:

For Sale

Over the past couple of weeks I have decided to make a more concerted effort to go through my collection in order to pare away items that really don't fit with my collecting interest anymore or are doubles of what I already have. As many of you collectors know, it can be easy to find your collecting den filled sky-high with things you never really intended to keep or buy in the first place, but somehow they found their way into your hands. Of course, at one time they were cherished, but now you can't help but wonder what you were thinking.

Well, I'm at that point and I figure I could sell some of them in hope of using the dough to spend on other things or to expand my collection in a more focused manner- at least that is what I am telling myself. So, please go to my "FOR SALE" link here or on the top right of this blog to check out what I am selling. Everything is postpaid and I don't mind receiving offers.

You'll see everything from T5 cabinets, 19th Century Baseball trade cards, 100+ year old vintage cards, boxing and much much more. I'll be sure to add more over the coming days and weeks so feel free to check back often. Thanks.

60th Anniversary Topps 2011 Cards

If you frequent card/ hobby blogs then you already know that the Topps 60th Anniversary 2011 set design has already been unveiled. I think its design is very clean and crisp, and as long as the photography is as sharp as the Pujols above then I'm sure collectors will enjoy it. Not only that, I suspected they will create some pretty nice inserts to celebrate the milestone. See that base card design above. Go to Topps facebook page for more pics here.

For us Dodger fans we wonder, "how about some Boys in Blue?" Well, none of the current roster players are featured, but there are some old-timers nicely displayed in the below sell sheet unveiled today on dbj610's Baseball Card Blog. Go to his blog for a look at what will be coming for next season. Click the pic to enlarge it.
As for special inserts, for their diamond anniversary each base card will have a "1 of 1" parallel, called Diamond Collection, embedded with an actual diamond. How's that for fancy?

Erskine's Last Pitch

Here is a great vintage Sporting News press photo featuring former Dodger hurler Carl Erskine at Ebbets Field for the last time. He stands next to the Baseball painted wrecking ball and appears to be ready to throw his last pitch at that hallowed ground.