Thursday, September 28, 2006

Male Restroom Etiquette

This is both the funniest and most informative video I have ever seen. From zsOverman: Male Restroom Etiquette

YouTube Link:

A Laugher Turns Into A Shocker And Then Into A Laugher Again

What an insane game. I guess you should expect the unusual and crazy when you play in Colorado. This afternoons game saw the Rockies jump out to a 3-0 lead only to see James Loney take that away with a GrandSlam in the Dodgers next at-bat. Then the Dodgers strike for four more runs to take a somewhat comfortable lead at 8-3. Of course, no lead is truly comfortable in Colorado. The Rockies slam in 7 runs and take a 10 to 8 lead in the 4th inning. To not be outdone, the Dodgers come roaring back and tie the game at 10 each. Then, before the stadium could take a breath the Dodgers score 7 runs of their own to take a commanding 17 to 10 lead. That was all the Blue Crew needed. Rookie Eric Stults closes out the game and the Dodgers head to San Francisco with a 3 game winning streak. The final score is 19 to 11.

BTW, James Loney recorded 9 RBI's that ties a franchise record. This kid is only 22 years old and will be a mainstay on this team for years to come. In fact, don't be surprised if, during the offseason, we pass on Nomar and let this kid bloom at first base.

In The Baseball Card Business

As a child I remember flipping through stacks of Baseball cards while sitting on the couch watching the afternoons game on the television. I would separate out the cards of each team and put together the days line-up in front of me. Then, as each player came up to bat I would study, intently, the statistics of the player and the brief biographical blurb provided on the back of the cards. I guess I was a pretty obsessive fan back then.

My favorite cards were Topps. They had detailed career statistics with a little cartoons on the back. They also had some of the most arcane or ridiculous things to say about the player. I would think to myself, "how do they know that?" They must be making some of this stuff up.

Anyway, I always wondered what it would be like to work at Topps, or any other card manufacturer. Truth be told I considered it a dream job. To wake up each morning knowing I would be spending the day researching sports or doing something sports related seemed like a home run. I figured that I could be a happy man if I worked in that industry.

Of course, these are just the dreams of a fanciful child wondering about the future. Reality is usually something different.

Yesterday, Slate's write David Roth (Van Halen Roth? Naw, can't be) wrote of his days at Topps.

"I was about to enter, as an adult, a place I'd always imagined as a gum-scented, Willy Wonkafied dream palace. Before my first day of work, I pictured packs piled in leaning towers, slides from long-ago Darryl Strawberry photo shoots, game-worn Mickey Tettleton jerseys. When I showed up, I found a standard corporate office: cubicles, recycled air, bad carpeting, worse lighting. "

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

eBay Buy: 19th Century Baseball Trade Card: Tobin Lithographs

This is one of my favorite buys of the year. It's a 19th Century Baseball themed trade card made by Tobin Lithographs in NY. This particular set is known as H804-23 Tobin "149" Series. It was made circa 1888 and is one of the rarer sets out there. Over the past several years I've only seen a handful of these on eBay, so I'm glad I was able to grab this one. Unfortunately, it has a brown stain through the middle, but it still presents fine.

Trade Cards are one of the more interesting hobbies to crop up in American history. It originally started in the late 1870's and thrived throughout the rest of the century. It became one of America's early fads and collecting crazes. They started out as business/ advertising cards given away to customers. The name of the establishment would be printed on the front with a simple design around the edges. Soon the designs became more ornate and customers started collecting them to put into scrapbooks. This started the age of Victorian scrapbooking in America.

The design and themes of the cards became supreme. Cards where as small as a modern business cards to as large as a piece of notebook paper. They came in every color in the rainbow. Printing companies where marketing special art work and themes to storefronts across the country. Flowers, landscapes, babies, children playing are the most common themes. Less common are politicians, buildings, Black Americana and sporting activities. Sporting activities include roller skating, tennis, curling, ice skating, horse racing and baseball, among others. It really is an early example of card collecting in America.

Today you can still find scrapbooks with hundreds of trade cards glued inside and they are still collected today.

YouTube Videos: Interviews with Nomar and Marlon

I've been out of town and unable to post anything, but don't think I haven't been keeping track of my beloved Dodgers. I write this as the Dodgers lead, by one game, in the National League Wild Cards race. The Dodgers have won 2 in a row and currently in control their playoff destiny. Things are good.

Below is a video and interview of Nomar Garciaparra after his walk off grand slam on Sunday. Brought to you by eastlasportsscene on YouTube:

YouTube Link:

Below is an interview with Marlon Anderson.

YouTube Link:

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Tommy! The "Man in Blue" turns 79 years old today. Congratulations!

In honor of this day I am headed to Las Vegas to celebrate. I'll have a few drinks, make a couple of bets and cross my fingers as the Dodgers face off against the Arizona Diamondbacks this weekend.

Check out 6-4-2 for a short summary of Tommy's career.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dodger Video: "My Days at Dodger Stadium"

With this being the last homestand of the year I thought it would be fun to play this homemade video celebrating the Dodgers Security Team. It's called "My Days at Dodger Stadium." Video by JulesReyesMarko

YouTube Link:

Art: Reflections Series: Sandy Koufax

As some of you may recall, a little over a month ago, the National Sports Card Collectors Convention came around to Anaheim for the first time in several years. At this event were exhibitors from across the country, many different auction houses, manufacturers and a huge number of autograph guest. It was a 5 day event that any sports collector/ fanatic would drool over.

I bring up this event to highlight an item that I purchased that weekend and recently arrived for my display at my office.

For some time now I have admired the work of a Vancouver artist, Jennifer Ettinger. Check out her "Town Ball Team" painting. Anyway, I noticed on her webpage that she had started a new series called "Reflections." It's a mixed media work consisting of a
"3-dimensional piece consists of two frames secured together with brass hinges. One frame contains a piece of board, covered with canvas and then layered with a plaster coating. On this is placed a reverse image of baseball or hockey. Collaged around the image is text taken from old and discarded baseball books and magazines. The image is layered with acrylic washes of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue paint to create and enhance an aged appearance. The adjoining frame holds a mirror that is over-laid with a quote or relevant symbol. When viewed in the mirror, the image will not be in reverse but can be seen as it should be seen."

There were individual art pieces of Jackie Robinson, Yogi Berra, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Ty Cobb, etc. I was very interested in the Sandy Koufax Reflections piece.

With the National Convention coming to town and knowing that she would be exhibiting some of her work there I made a mental note to track her table down to speak with her. On the first day of the show I found her and I'm glad I did. I had beat out another collector who expressed an interest in the Koufax Reflections later that day. Anyway, I placed my order immediately. Unfortunately, Jennifer did not bring the specific piece with her to Anaheim since it was, at the time, being exhibited at an art show in Vancouver, Canada. So, I would have to wait until the exhibits conclusion.

Late last week a package arrived and I quickly opened up the box. Encased in newspaper and bubble wrap was the Sandy Koufax Reflections. Also, there was a new addition to the piece. It now had the date October 7, 1965 under the Star of David. I wrote Jennifer for an artist explanation of the new addition.
"October 7, 1965 was added as the day Sandy pitched (in the World Series), as he choose not to pitch the previous day October 6, 1965 which was Yom Kippur I thought about putting down the day he didn't play, but choose to go with the one he did pitch."
So there you go. Seeing Sandy as he should be seen. It's a beautiful art piece about an athlete who maintained his faith while continuing to prove to any detractors that he was a Champion. The Dodgers went on to win the World Series in 1965 on the brilliant pitching of Sandy Koufax who had won two games; including a 9 inning complete game shut-out during game 7.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Homerun Derby

For your viewing pleasure.

YouTube Link:

Like many other fans, I can't stop thinking about the game.

Hat Tip to greenchris in the Dodger Thoughts comment thread for the YouTube link.

Update: I just received another link from a friend that you can download. (Found on Let's Go Check out this cut here: Link: (Download by right-clicking)

Update II: Below is a Video of the sights and sounds from the Right Field Upper Reserve Section after Nomar hit the walk-off two-run homer in the 10th inning. Where the hardcore fans reside! Video From SoCalibur

YouTube Link:

Update III: And now I have the sights and sounds from the Left Field Upper Reserve Section. Enjoy! Video from Randallfarms2

Youtube Link:

Monday, September 18, 2006

No Way!

What the hell just happened! I had closed my eyes resigned to the thought of being 1 1/2 games games back. Then they go crazy and tie the score and then win the game on homeruns.


I gotta get a drink. Time to party. I'm not gonna be able to sleep for hours.

Dodgers in first place.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blacked Out?!

Imagine my dismay as I turned on my TV and turned it to Prime Ticket. Time Warner had recently taken over the local cable station recently, but I hadn't noticed any differences. Until now. I put it on channel 61 and up came the Seattle vs. Kansas City game. Who wants to watch this match-up.

The game has been blacked out. My roommate called the cable company and was told the game was not sold-out.

No sell-out no game.

Needless to say, I was in shock. This is one of the most pivotal games of the year. They are playing a rival divisional team for a spot in the playoffs. How could they not show this game? And how could this game not be a sell-out? Something is fishy here.

So I sit around steaming in front of the computer as I keep track of the game. I see that Lowe has struggled a bit, but is able to hold down the fort. There is no score after 3 innings. Then, out of chance, I decide to check Prime Ticket one last time.

Presto! The game is on.

Whew! That was close. I was about to go crazy. I got some chores to do while the game is on. There is nothing like folding the laundry as Vinny calls a third strike.

Go Blue!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Funny Baseball Card Related Video: Strong Bad Email

This is a hilariously video from Strong Bad Email about Trading Cards. (Link)

It's always great to poke fun at your favorite hobby. Sometimes I forget how it spurns from a childhood activity. It was something I did as a kid. I still remember getting my first wax pack after some persistent begging from me in the checkout line. My Mom was no match for the powers of childhood persuasion. I whined and the pack was mine. I wasn't that bad overall as a kid, but the sight of that wax paper wrapped package that afternoon was overwhelmingly powerful. I had to have the stick of petrified pink gum and the cards of my boyhood heroes. It was like having the game of Baseball in your hands. In a way, I guess you can say I still haven't grown up. I'm just a big kid.

Anyway, check out the link. It's great and funny.

Hat Tip: Jay from VBC Forum:

Vintage Dodger Video

UniversalNewsReels presents the game recap of game 3 of the 1959 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago White Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Watch Don Drysdale shut down the ChiSox for seven innings as they defeat the Southsiders three to one. 92,394 people where on hand for this Fall Classic.

YouTube Link:

Baseball Reference 1959 World Series Page: Box Score 

Thursday, September 14, 2006

eBay: House of David

This item closed earlier this week at a great price. Since the seller of this item did a great job describing the broadside and the team I will quote directly from the auction.
This is a multi color broadside poster, and as you know this is much more rare then the single color type. Also they feature several pictures of the individual players. There are large images of Tally, Fleming, Tucker and Atwell at the top, and then below are action shots of Doc Tally, John Fleming, and a close up of George Anderson.
For those of you who are not familiar with the House of David baseball team let me give you a bit of historical information. The team toured the country performing exhibition games not unlike the Harlem Globetrotters. They challenged the local teams, were the first to integrate with the black league teams, first to sign a professional contract with a female athlete, Jackie Mitchel in 1933, and they were the pioneers of Night Light Baseball! This is illustrated in the upper picture on the poster! The "Israelites club" or "Jesus' Boys" as Satchel Paige used to refer to them set out from Benton Harbor, Michigan and were famous for their long hair and winning records! ... Mary and Benjamin Purnell founded the Seventh Church at the Latter-Day, Israelite House of David, and the Baseball team came into being somewhere around 1913 or 1914. Some of the more colorful players were: Walter "Dutch" Faust, Jesse Lee "Doc" Tally, Dwight "Zeke" Baushke, David Harrison, Paul Mooney, John Tucker, Percy Walker, George "Andy" Anderson, Frank Wyland, and Austin "Tex" Williams.
Their 19 year old female pitcher, Babe Diedrikson, helped them defeat the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals 8 to 6 at Sportsman's Park.
This was used to advertise the House of David Baseball team visit to Kelso Washington in the early to mid 1930's I believe. The last date cited on the poster that I could see was 1933.

For more information about the House of David and Baseball check out this site:

The House of David Baseball Team Research Project:

Mary's City of David Baseball Page:

YouTube Video: Solitary Vin

In honor of the Vin Scully vsfc brings to us Solitary Vin.

YouTube Link:

Tomko Bombs Again

In his 3rd straight appearance, converted started, Brett Tomko blows a Dodger lead.

On Saturday against the New York Mets he entered the game in the 6th inning with 2 men on and the Dodgers clinging onto a 1 run lead. David Wright slapped a single to centerfield and 2 runs scored. That was all Mets would need. The Dodgers lose 3 to 2.

On Tuesday against the lowly Cubs the Dodgers where perilously clinging onto a 7 to 5 lead. Tomko started the 7th inning and proceeded to load the bases. With one out he was replaced before he could do more damage, but the table was set. Two runs eventually score and the Cubs complete a 7 run comeback. The Dodgers where demoralized and lost the game in 11 innings, 9 to 8.

This afternoon in Wrigley the Dodgers uncharacteristically powered themselves to a 5 to 2 lead with a couple of homeruns by Marlon Anderson and JD Drew. Then, Brett Tomko enters the 7th inning and gives up 4 runs. The Cubs now lead 6 to 5 and proceeded to shut the Dodgers down.

I think this experiment has been a failure. Tomko as a reliever has not been any more successful than Brett Tomko as a starter.

Photo from Flickr: Malingering

eBay Find: Rare 19th Century Baseball Trade Card Set

This week I was watching one particular auction consisting of a group of very rare 19th Century Baseball Trade Cards. These cards are very difficult to find. This is the fist time I had seen the cards in nearly 5 years of scouring eBay and local card shows. Frank Keetz, who cataloged Baseball themed trade cards in 1997, titled these cards as H804-28 Large Head Series. They measure 2 7/8" x 4 1/4". Also, in Keetz's guide he cataloged only 2 cards from the set. So 2 cards in the set that sold where previously uncataloged. The card with the player holding the bat and the card with the player catching the ball while in a seated position are the previously uncataloged cards.
The group of 4 cards sold for an astounding $1,439.00.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

YouTube: Dodger's Tribute Video

This is a very well done video. I just wish the creator used a different song. Anyway, cheeseheadfevre brings you his Dodgers Tribute below:

YouTube Link:

Ouch! Last Night Really Hurts.

What a dismal and terrible loss last night. The Dodgers had accumulated a 7 run lead on the back of a terrible Chicago defense. Freddie Bynum, the Cubs 2nd baseman, committed 3 errors in the first 3 innings, and should have received a 4th error if it where not for the good graces of last nights official scorer. Jacque Jones over-ran a ball in the outfield for another error. Even sure handed Cubs shortstop Cesar Izturis booted a play late in the 9th inning. Overall, the Chicago Cubs committed 6 errors in what started out as a laugher of a game.

Unfortunately, the Cubs would be laughing and smiling by the end of the game. They fought back, tied the game and eventually won on the back of a couple of Dodger errors and some timely hitting. Cesar Izturis, my favorite shortstop, slammed the final nail in the coffins with a walk-off single up the middle with a runner on 2nd base in the 11th inning.

The Dodgers fail to extend their lead and are lucky they didn't lose ground to the Padres.

This game should be a wake up call to all the Dodgers players. It's time to bear down. 18 games to go and nothing is assured.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dodger Mural in Nashua, NH

You never know what you're gonna find when you cruising through the internet. Over the weekend I stumbled upon this great photo from Nashua, NH. It is a mural recently painted to commemorate the the arrival of soon-to-be Dodger greats Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella in 1946.
In 1946...Branch Rickey desegregated the Dodgers by sending Jackie Robinson to Montreal AAA. Five months later, he opened a second phase by signing catcher Roy Campanella and pitcher Don Newcombe. He had to send them to A ball because of their history as Negro League stars, but 3 of the 5 Dodger A teams were in segregated states. That left Danville, IL and Nashua, NH. Danville refused the 2 players, but Nashua GM Buzzie Bavasi said If they can play ball better than what we have, we dont care what color they are.
Starrgzr, the photographer if this piece, provides more historical information about their stay in Nashua.
Nashua, New Hampshire, according to Wendell Smith, was a typical New England town, quiet, liberal, and staid in its ways. Located forty miles north of Boston, Nashua residents seemed to have no qualms about welcoming the two black athletes. These people are wonderful, reported the ebullient Campanella. Newcombe and I go anyplace we want to, do anything we please, and are treated like long lost sons. Newcombe and Campanella and their wives constituted the entire black population of Nashua. They rarely saw the other blacks in the area, who lived at a lumber mill several miles outside of town. We even had to go to the white barber shop, recalls Newcombe. He didn't know how to cut black peoples hair. We got scalped many times by the barber who tried. He could have said No, I don't cut black peoples hair, but he tried. Bad haircuts, however, seemed a small price to pay. The two black families had no trouble finding lodgings and experienced no problems in restaurants or at the stadium. We were very lucky to play in that area, says Newcombe.
Photo Link: Flickr: Starrgzr:

Update II: Did you know that Roy Campanella was the 1st African-American to coach an affiliated Major League Team. provides more details:
When Nashua manager Walter Alston was ejected from a game that year (1946), he left the team in the hands of Roy Campanella, who became the first African-American to manage an affiliated major league game. The Nashua Dodgers beat the Lawrence Millionaires 7-5.
there is another interesting note to the 1946 season. A local poultry farmer, Jack Fallgren, offered 100 baby chicks for every home run hit by a Nashua player. At the end of the season, Campanella shipped 1400 chicks to his father, who started a chicken farm outside of Philadelphia.
Update: If you happen to be in the area check out the mural. I believe it should still be there. It was completed less than a year ago.
This is just off Main Street at a tire company's (Maynard & Lesieur) building at 31 West Hollis Street. Maynard & Lesieur has been in business since 1928 and were around when the duo played in Nashua.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Watch David Copperfield Destroy Gretzky's Wagner

This video is great. If features the wizard of magical illusions David Copeprfield destroying and then restoring the Wayne Gretzky/ Bruce McNall Honus Wagner Baseball card.

YouTube Link:

I Need a Drink

OK... Maybe I need a whole pitcher of beer. Last nights game was worse than hearing Celine Dion sing Christmas tunes. It was aggravating to the ears and caused my eyes to water. The 7-2 loss to the Mets was frustrating. We had many chances to score, but we just couldn't get that big hit.

All year we have rocked back and forth between a team that can score at will and a team that can hardly score at all. With 3 games left with the New York Mets, who have the best record in Baseball, the Dodgers must get back on track.

Of course, maybe I'm getting a bit over-worked. Afterall, this game was just one contest in a 162 game season. This series, in the whole scheme of things, is against a non-divisional team and may not have a significant bearing on where the Dodgers end up at the end of the season. It certainly is not as important as the divisional games coming up against the Padres, Giants, Diamondbacks and Rockies.

So keep your head up and continue looking forward. Although we lost last night the chances of a better return this evening are still bright. No need to panic just yet, but I do plan on drinking that entire pitcher.

Photo Link:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Postseason Preview

I'm nervous with anticipation. My palms are sweating and my lips are stuttering. Why does the season have to be so long?

The Dodgers and the Mets face off tonight in a very important match-up between the team with the best record in Baseball and a team fighting for a playoff spot. Brad Penny will take the mound for the Dodgers. Tom Glavine will pitch for the New York Mets.

Other important roster changes for the Dodgers include Lugo batting 2nd and playing third base and Matt Kemp playing center field. Lets' hope that Kemp builds on his 2 hit performance yesterday.

I'm worried about the Mets recent acquisition of Shawn Green. He has absolutely killed the Dodgers this year. Paul LoDuca is still very dangerous- especially since he has found a way to continue hitting well even in the 2nd half. Jose Reyes and David Wright are infield studs.

This is going to be a tough series and will be an indicator of how good this team really is, or is not.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

King of the World

Inside the Dodgers lets us know that James Loney is the winner of the 2006 Minor League Batting Title with an average of .380. This isn't for only AAA or AA. This title is for the entire Minor League Baseball system. He has had an unbelievable year! Congrats!

I hope that this foreshadows what we might expect in the future.

Picture Link via Flickr: dnova (To note: the photo above appears to be from Spring Training at the Washington Nationals training facility in Melbourne, FL. Check out more of dnova's pics of the Dodgers in Spring Training by clicking the link above.)

eBay Find: Reading Giants Vintage Postcard

Above is a vintage real photo postcard of a Black Baseball team called the Reading Giants. It was recently sold on eBay over the Labor Day weekend holiday. No doubt this is a rare and possibly one-of-a-kind Baseball item. Also, considering it sold for $555.82 should tell you how rare this really is.

I had made an early bid on the postcard with the hopes of returning to the auction when it was nearing completion. My hope was that it would be missed by deeper pocket bidders. Unfortunately, as you can see, the deeper pockets showed up. Wow!

Once in awhile you can find some bargains on eBay- especially if an item is poorly labeled or listed poorly. For instance, this item was placed solely in the postcard categories. This could have been disastrous for the Seller. He should have also placed it in the Baseball card category for pre-1930's vintage Baseball cards. The seller may have gotten even more for the postcard. Fortunately, the seller still made out pretty good.
A important item to note when trying to date real photo postcards is the pay close attention to the stamp box on the back of the card. Check out the photo above for the back of the Black Baseball team postcard. Unfortunately, the photo is a little hazy. The design on the top right of the back of the postcard will provide a unique design to the postcard maker. If you check closely on the auction you will see a very typical AZO stamp back with triangles pointed upwards on all 4 corners. This is a dead give away for postcards made from 1904-1918. Check here for a database of real photo postcard stamp boxes.

A Dodger Video Break with Jeff Kent

Imagine being 5 years old at a baseball game with a cap on your head and your teams uniform around your shoulders. Now, Imagine getting a chance to run out onto the field and then getting a "High 5" from second baseman Jeff Kent. Watch below as we get to experience just that. Being Dayton Diaz for a moment.


YouTube Link:

On a side note: Whoever thought of the idea of having the kids run out onto the field before game time deserves a medal. What a great idea and tradition.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Video Break II: Nancy Bea- When I'm 64

I recall, as a child, coming to Dodgers Stadium with my folks and having the expectation that once I got to my seat I would have a Dodger Dog in one hand, a Coke in the other and I would hear the sweet sounds of the organ playing the background. For your listening pleasure SootikinCharlie brings you Nancy Bea on the organ playing- When I'm 64.

YouTube Link:

A Video Break: Los Angeles Dodgers-Over the Years

Below is a great video on YouTube recently produced by cozakos. Great job and keep them coming!

YouTube Link:

Welcome to the Blue Marlon

In a last minute deal that was struck before 9 PM yesterday, the deadline for playoff eligibility, the Dodgers picked up a left handed bench player from the Washington Nationals. Marlon Anderson, an original Phillies farmhand, will join the Dodgers in exchange for pitching prospect Jhonny Nunez and cash. Anderson has one year remaining on his contract, and, from my understanding, the Nationals will be paying for approximately half of his salary next season.

This is a good pick-up that should provide additional dividends past this season. He is batting .274 this year with a SLG of .423 and a OPS of .754. As a pinch hitter this year he has 50 at-bats with 12 hits for a .240 batting average and an OPS of .650. Over his career, though, Marlon has been batting .291 with a .794 OPS as a pinch hitter. His career pinch hitting numbers are better than his career averages.