Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mastro's Summer Auction

I'm back to posting some great Dodger related items from the major auction houses.

Mastro, even with some of the troubles they have faced the past couple of years, continues to showcase some incredible items.

Below is a "Dear John" letter from former Dodger owner Charles Ebbets to Brooklyn player Charlie Babb. It's short and sweet, if not direct.
"You are herewith notified that your services will not be required on and after September 7th 1905 as per contract signed by you with the Brooklyn Ball Club."
Babb would never again play in the major leagues.

It sold for what I thought was a very good price for this vintage autographed piece- $425.00.

This lot did not sell in last months auction. Below are 2 great press photos featuring historic Dodger catches. To the left is Duke Snider's backhanded catch of a Yogi Berra drive during Game 4 of the 1952 World Series. To its' right is the famous grab by Sandy Amoros that helped the Dodgers win the 1955 World Series.

Here is a uniform I would love to have in my closet. I would pull it out for games just to put me in that Baseball kind of mood. It came with a vintage style cap and is fashioned after the uniforms worn by the 1911 team.
What makes this jersey great is not its vintage look, but the fact that it was actually worn by Dodger first baseman Eric Karros during his photoshoot for his 1993 Leaf Heritage Baseball card. It sold for $120.00.

No auction is complete without a vintage drawing from beloved sports cartoonist Willard Mullin. As you may know he invented the Dodger "Bum."
Published during the 1950s, the piece shows a milkman making his rounds, wishing a hearty good morning to the disheveled street walker—who can only utter "HUMPH" as he prepares for another lengthy day/night of Dodgers baseball.
So, when does Baseball start again? It sold for $600.00.

Maddux is Welcome Back

It's all up to him. If Greg Maddux chooses to stick around Colletti is open to him wearing Blue.
If right-hander Greg Maddux doesn't follow through on his intention to retire, he'll be welcomed back to the Dodgers for the 2009 season, general manager Ned Colletti said on Wednesday as the second day of the General Managers Meetings wound down.

On Tuesday, Scott Boras, Maddux's agent, revealed that the pitcher had told him at the end of the postseason he was ready to call it quits.


"That's what Scott said and that's what Greg told us at the end," Colletti said. "But he hasn't [retired] yet and I told Scott that, 'You know what? We'd love to have him back. We're not going to be closing the door on Greg Maddux anytime soon.' I've known him for a long, long time. I respect who he is and admire what he's done. And I know what an impact he has on a club and a franchise.

"Let Greg take the winter and let him figure out what he's going to do. It's not like if we don't get something finished by today we're done. That's not what we told him."

I'd love to have him since he can only help our ever-maturing pitching staff.

Upper Deck Issues Special Obama Card

Upper Deck is producing a special commemorative Baseball card celebrating Obama's recent election as President of the United States.
The latest card (PV-1) is entitled “President Barack Obama.” Its cardfront illustration is based on the postgame Gatorade dousing of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy after his team defeated the Chicago Bears, 29-17, in Super Bowl 41. Upper Deck changed the participants in the celebratory scene to represent Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, President-Elect Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama. The cardback text reads:

With his resounding victory in this year’s U.S. presidential election, Barack Obama made history in more ways than one. Not only was he the first African-American to be nominated by either party as a candidate, but he is now the first of his race to be sworn in as Commander-in-Chief. Just like Tony Dungy’s accomplishment in 2007 when he became the first African-American head coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl, Obama did the same for White House politics in 2008. “Change We Can Believe In” was his campaign slogan throughout the year. Now it’s time to start believing.

Upper Deck says the Obama Presidential Victor card will be available in mid-November as a gift with purchase of any Upper Deck products at hundreds of hobby shops nationwide.
I might have to do a little bit of shopping in a couple of weeks. Go here for a list of participating stores.