Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have a Cold One

Considering yesterdays game where Kershaw pitched 8 6 fantastic innings only to lose because of 3 unearned runs, I think it's a good time to consider having a drink- just like the lady above. Here is a 1955 Schaefer beer die-cut advertising sign with an attractive Dodger fan hoping for better times.

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Strasburg Mania is Here

This has been all over the collector blog community and last night it hit national news on Yahoo. This is crazy, just crazy. The Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Bowman Chrome Superfractor "1 of 1" is currently on eBay and has over 80 bids. It is currently at a price that could buy you a decently shaped Mickey Mantle rookie card or a new Chrysler PT Cruiser. I'm not kidding! As of this writing it is already at $15,900.00.

A kid who has yet to throw a pitch in the Majors has a rookie card selling for thousands of dollars.

It remains to be seen if his performance on the field will equal the prices of his cards, but I think it is safe to say that Strasburgmania is in full swing.

A Shoe Box Find

This isn't a find of a thousand dollar card, but it is a great story about a look at one child's pastime.

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Card of the Week: Bat Follows Ball

Sometimes the bat and ball are inseparable. Above is Roberto Alomar's 1993 Leaf card, as this weeks "Card of the Week," which proves the point.

Vintage Spokesman: Roy Campanella

This is a nice ad that extols the virtues of Campy.
Try to steal on Roy Campanella and chances were you'd be out by feet. Try to pitch on past him chances were he'd belt it out of the park. A slick fielder, a smart handler of pitchers- Campy was also fear by many as Baseball's greatest hitting catcher.

In a single season with the Brooklyn Dodgers; he smacked out 41 homers and knocked in 142 runs, a feat no other catcher had ever equaled. Three times named the National League Most Valuable Player, Roy Campanella recently received the highest honor Baseball can bestow- election to the Hall of Fame.

Maybe your son won't become a Baseball great like Roy Campanella. Not many children do become sports stars. But every youngster- including yours- can be as physically fit as the most talented athlete. It will help him get more fun- more of everything- out of life.

Equitable knows how important good health is- and urges you to encourage physical fitnes at home, at school, in your community. When you do, every one comes out ahead. Your country, your family- and most of all, you.

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