Tuesday, March 25, 2008

YouTube: Ron Stilanovich- Hardball made easy with Kemp and Ethier

Career minor leaguer, Ron Stilanovich, can teach you how to play while making you laugh. In two videos below he convinces Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier to assist him. This is some good stuff. A must see. I can't stop laughing.

Matt Kemp is helping catchers block the plate: "That's why they call me the Bison."

YouTube Link: ScrappyRon1:

Andre Ethier hits sky-high fly balls in the sun: "Oh! I got it."

YouTube Link: ScrappyRon1:

Weekly Blog Kiosk 3/23/2008

Let's Go Dodgers! clap*clap*clapclapclap

  • If your going to the coliseum game then you are probably in need of some parking help. Check out Jon's Dodger Thoughts comments section for some help. For other info go here.
  • This coming Saturday is National Baseball Card Day.
  • If your going to New York this year be sure to check out The Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave. They have an exhibit called “Baseball’s League of Nations: A Tribute to Native American Baseball Players.” hat tip: SCD:
  • With all of the problems facing China and the upcoming Olympics now they have to deal with Westerners distaste for squat toilets.

YouTube: How Sweet It Is. The Fruits of Victory!

Watch Tommy Dance.

YouTube Link: DC8super63:

Carl Erskine playing the national anthem on his harmonica at the Dodgers last game at Dodgertown.

YouTube Link: ogre52:
Hat Tip: The Trolley Dodger: