Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Topps Museum Baseball - Dodgers' Base Cards

Yesterday, Topps released their newest Baseball card set.  It is called Topps Museum and it is a very high-end set.  A box will run you about $200 and it includes only 4 packs of 5 cards.  Each pack will have either a relic or autographed card.  Featured below is the entire Dodger team in the base set.  I will show as many of the relic and insert cards over the next several days, so stay tuned.

#9 Jackie Robinson                            #11 Adrian Gonzalez

#15 Ryu Hyun-Jin                                       #31 Matt Kemp

#69 Sandy Koufax                          #71 Clayton Kershaw

#74 Duke Snider

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Juan Uribe - Man of Mystery.  Pic via Dodger Dugout.
  • It's official.  The Dodgers are now dumpster diving.  They have just signed Jonathan Sanchez to a minor league deal, via Austin Laymance at
"I'm sure it's got something to do with depth," manager Don Mattingly said before Wednesday's game against the Nationals. "With some of the issues we've had with injuries to a number of pitchers, it's a guy that's been a quality starter in the past. He's had a couple of years where he's struggled."
  • Via Roberto Baly at VSIMH tells us that Hyun-Jin Ryu is now a pitchman for Hanmi Bank, and in his first marketing campaign he tells customers that the Bank will make you some bread.  Chef Ryu?
  • Via Mark Saxon at ESPN, "Did Zack Greinke's surgeon rescue this Dodger season?"
  • "Lilly feels healthy after five-inning rehab outing"  Via Austin Laymance at
  • Dodger fans have been coming out in a big way.  Via the DodgersPR on twitter:
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Geeorge Shuba's 1953 Brooklyn Dodger NL Championship Ring

I love seeing old championship rings like this.  They are subdued and understated, but also majestic in its simplicity.  Although it lacks the shine and glitter of modern rings, I can't help but enjoy these more.  I especially love that the ring above once belonged to former Dodger George Shuba and that it represents the 1953 National Champion Brooklyn Dodgers.

George Shuba, the man that Baseball history seems to have forgotten, played for the Dodgers for 7 season.  His career year was in 1952 when he hit .305 and OPS'd .859, while recording a WAR of 2.1.  That's not too shabby for a part time starter and professional pinch hitter.

The ring featured here is available through Clean Sweep Auctions with a starting bid of $4,000.  Unfortunately, it is not all original.  It was first sold as a part of Shuba's estate in 2006, and the buyer went ahead and had it resized, and upgraded the stones and diamonds.  This is a shame.  I'm sure the new owner thought it would enhance the ring, but to a collector and fan like me I find it sacrilegious.  Why mess around with something already perfect?  After all, I would think that a buyer would be more interested in the history behind the ring and not the value of the stones within it.
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