Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Faith Day" in Atlanta

If politics and Baseball are ingredients you would rather not have mixed please skip this post.

Bigotry of any sort pisses me off to no end. When are people gonna learn. Below is a story from Think Progress that caught my attention. I've placed it here in entirety. The Atlanta Braves did the right thing.

Focus on the Family Disinvited From Atlanta Braves’ ‘Faith Day’ Events

Last week, the Atlanta Braves became the first team in major league baseball to sponsor a post-game Christian evangelizing event called “Faith Day.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution provided details:

The blend of big-tent evangelism and the national pastime is expected to draw thousands of new eyes. … [The event is] designed to reach out to people looking for a spiritual purpose in life. Faith Day is the first promotion of “intentional Christian ministry” in Major League Baseball.

Except the Faith Day festivities didn’t offer a “big tent.” The event was cosponsored by right-wing group Focus on the Family, which, according to their press release, used the event to distribute promotional materials about a website they run called, which features virulently anti-gay content:

Male homosexuality is a developmental problem that is almost always the result of problems in family relations, particularly between father and son. [Link]

The following factors can also contribute to the homosexual orientation: pornography; spousal abuse in the home; molestation and pedophilia… [Link]

‘Mom…I’m Gay’: The story of one woman who heard these devastating words. [Link]

Contacted yesterday by ThinkProgress, Braves spokesperson Beth Marshall said that the Braves have asked that Focus on the Family not be affiliated with the two upcoming Braves “Faith Day” events on August 13 and August 26. Marshall declined to explain what brought about the decision to exclude Focus on the Family from the future events.

Unfortunately, Focus on the Family remains a cosponsor of several other Faith Day events at baseball games this summer, which are organized by a group called Third Coast Sports. Email the CEO of Third Coast — — and urge him to completely sever their ties with the anti-gay group.

There’s no crying in baseball, and there shouldn’t be bigotry either.

Happy Belated Birthday

I can't believe I missed this. Happy belated Birthday Jerry!


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Los Angeles Dodgers Vintage World Series Film DVD Set

Earlier this week I had a chance to review a copy of the Los Angeles Dodgers Vintage World Series Film DVD Set. It has highlights of all the previous LA Dodger championships. It includes the win over the cursed White Sox in 1959 when the Dodger use to play at the LA Coliseum. An unbelievable sweep of the invincible New York Yankees in 1963. BTW, this was the first time the powerful Yankees had been swept in the Fall classic. The supremacy of Sandy Koufax as Baseballs best left hander was showcased in the 1965 World Series. 1981 brought a championship to Baseballs longest serving infield cast. Man-o-Live... I forgot how great Pedro Guerrero was. Of course, who could forget the 1988 season. Kirk Gibson was like some aging warrior king willing his flock to win this last battle. "How Sweet it is! The Fruits of Victory! What a Team!"

What a Team! My only complaint comes from the 1988 series. They should have included Vin's famous line after Gibby's walk off homerun. "In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!"

That first game of the '88 series will forever be branded in my brain. I was 16 years old and a fanatic Dodger fan- some things never change. On this evening, I was forced to go with my parents to a family function event. We where always going to family function events. If my uncle got a tooth pulled the whole family would get together later that weekend. If we woke up on Saturday morning there was a good chance the family would get together that evening to celebrate. We where a tight knit group. Of course, I was 16 and had other priorities. I could not miss this game. So, after some cajoling, I convince my uncle and aunts to turn the TV to the game.

That whole evening I had my eyes glued to the television. The Dodgers scored 2 early, but then Canseco hit a convincing Grand Slam to put Oakland on top by the 2nd inning. All the while, 2 mahjong tables had been set up and dinner was being served. I reached for a plate of chicken, pansit (Filipino style chow mien), rice (Asians can't go without rice) and egg rolls. The Dodgers score another run to make it 4-3. Then the ninth inning comes around and the taunts from my uncles started. "The Dodgers are gonna lose!" "Change the channel- it's over!" "Dodgers suck!" They knew that they could have some fun sticking a knife in me. But I would have the last laugh. Gibson comes up to bat and Mike Davis steals 2nd base. The rest is history. As Gibby's ball sailed over the right field wall I simultaneously jumped to my feet, pointed to my uncles and screamed a defiant "Screw You!" Obviously the taunts had gotten to me. Who cares though. The Dodgers had won, and I knew the series was theirs.

This is a brand new DVD set put together by A&E Home Video. Please check out their website for ordering. A&E Home Video Link to DVD.