Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Auto Collection: Maury Wills Monikers

This insert set has always confused me. It is called "Monikers" and is a 2004 Donruss Leaf Limited card. Nowhere on the card does it actually provide a nickname or moniker for the player shown- even though the set is called "Monikers." They could have put in "Speedy" or some other similar name for Maury Wills since I'm not aware of an actual pseudonym for him. Maybe the "Banjo Man" would be best. Anyway, here is Maury's card from my collection. It is numbered 66 out of 100.

Glendale Day: August 12, 1956

This is a great little auction item I ran into on eBay over the weekend. It is a cardboard advertising sign promoting a Dodgers/ Ebbets Field promotion geared towards residents of the Glendale neighborhood in Queens, New York. The promotion includes a free ride to the game on a chartered bus. In fact, according to the auction seller the ride was a large part of the thrill. The chartered buses were actually "beer buses." There were kegs, sodas and snacks to occupy the appetites of the Glendale revelers who would be coming directly from their favorite watering holes. Heck, even the famous Dodgers "Sym-Phony" band would be on hand to accompany the Glendale crowd.

Don't believe me? Well, the seller is including some photographic proof of this event. He had apparently purchased the sign from Alan Rosen (a well known dealer) in 1990 and it included a couple of photo albums documenting the day. He has included the below photos in his auction. Check them out. Click on any of the pics to enlarge.

1955 World Series, As You've Never Seen Before

Who'd a thunk that a sporting event that occurred 55 years ago would continue to hold the attention of fans today. Heck, you'd have thought that everything to be seen about the showdown would have already been presented for fans to gawk at. Not so, says LIFE. They have uncovered a group of 27 never-published photos of the 1955 World Series. Go here to see them all.

(Hat Tip: Huffington Post)