Sunday, March 28, 2010

Films: Campanella's Story- It's Good to be Alive

I've just discovered that Hulu has some great vintage films. Below is a 1974 television drama about Roy Campanella adjusting to life with a wheelchair after his 1959 car accident.

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Video: Everybody Hates Chris

There really isn't anything special about the videos below, except for the fact that the Dodgers are mixed in.

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Doubling down on the bet.

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Losing the series.

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eBay Auction: La Cucaracha

Here is fun press photo found on eBay of Ron Fairly and Al Ferrara.
"Ron Fairly, the hitting hero of the Dodger victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, 9/26, is given a Mexican-Style bear hug by teammate Al Ferrara in the dressing room after the game. Fairly's homer helped the Dodgers reduce their "Magic Number" to 3 with the 2-0 win."
The Dodgers would eventually win the National League, but lose to Baltimore in the World Series.

Blog Kiosk: 3/28/2010

All Dodgers, All of the time.
  • You must read Chris and Alex Volk's story, of fame, about official Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo, here and here.
  • LA Dodger Talk tours Minor League camp at Camelback Ranch, Part 1. Part 2.
  • Sunshine, who is an ardent Dodger fan, writes all about her visit to Padres Fan Fest.
  • I totally endorse this post and photo from The Left Field Pavilion.
  • This makes me want to puke. (Hat Tip: It's Time for Dodger BaseBlog)
  • Here is a great write up about Sandy Koufax's evening at the Nokia Theater with Joe Torre from Behind Blue Eyes.
  • Dodger Sims simulates the entire 2010 season and concludes that the Dodger will win the division. Hooray! Playoffs here we come!
  • Alyssa Milano unveils her 2010 Spring collection and, I think, I just fell in love with her again. Ooh-La-La!
  • Brian Akin, a Dodger farmhand and writer of the Dear (Tommy) John Letters blog, has been released. Good luck on your future. I hope you catch on with another team and continue writing your blog.
  • GCRL gets a Chan Ho Park auto through the mail.