Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prince Needs to Calm Down

Check out the video below of a unstable Prince Fielder.

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Players get hit all of the time. And, yes, sometimes a batter gets thrown at intentionally.

Fielder needs to take a deep breath and realize that it's not personal.

Heck, during the heyday of the 60's when Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale ruled the mound, "message pitches" were often sent towards the head. So, Fielder should consider himself lucky that today we have a more refined ethical system on the diamond.

Message Sent. Loud & Clear. The Dodgers are in the stretch run and signaling that they won't be pushed around.

Nice National Find

This story is starting to make its rounds. At this past weekends National Convention in Cleveland a vintage T206 collector made a find we can only dream of. Collector Jantz found a very rare variation of the T206 set within a binder filled with commons. On top of that, although it has not been directly affirmed, he paid a common price for the card.

Jantz was rummaging through some vintage singles when he came across a Red Murray T206 portrait card. But something was wrong with it. It appeared to have a printing problem at the bottom that no doubt caused his heart to stutter.

Could this be? How can I be so lucky? I must be dreaming. This is what I imagine was going through his mind. After all, numerous other collectors and dealers must have already searched through this pile.

What Jantz found was a variation of the card considered by many to be the rarest of all in the T206 set. I know it's hard to see in the pic, but notice that his last name, Murray, is not entirely complete. It actually reads "Murr'y." The complete letter "A" is missing as all that can be seen is the top portion of the letter that looks eerily like a apostrophe. This printing mistake, no doubt caused by a busted printing plate, translates into a significant find and financial windfall. A common card that may sell for $20.00 or so has suddenly turned into a $8,000.00 card. (A SGC 50 sold 2 years for more than $8,800.00)

Congrats Jantz. That's a find of a lifetime.

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