Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prince Needs to Calm Down

Check out the video below of a unstable Prince Fielder.

YouTube Video: sijichin2:
Hat Tip: HollywoodSportsChick:

Players get hit all of the time. And, yes, sometimes a batter gets thrown at intentionally.

Fielder needs to take a deep breath and realize that it's not personal.

Heck, during the heyday of the 60's when Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale ruled the mound, "message pitches" were often sent towards the head. So, Fielder should consider himself lucky that today we have a more refined ethical system on the diamond.

Message Sent. Loud & Clear. The Dodgers are in the stretch run and signaling that they won't be pushed around.


  1. he needs to calm down? dont throw at a guy when youre up 13 runs. jagoff.

  2. Look at the score.....nothing's intentional....STFU

  3. You throw at my guy, Ima throw at one of your's. Simple as that.

    Also, I agree with with the OG post. Back in the day, they hit you in the head and they meant it. They should ban all the armor the batters are allowed to wear.

  4. This means Prince has tried to fight about 1/6 of the 2008 Brewers pitching staff... at least. But anyway, this was not about being hit. It was about the complete collapse the Brewers have had this year. If they are still in the race, this never happens.


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