Thursday, June 09, 2011

A Topps Koufax Sketch Card

As some of you already know, Topps 2011 Series 2 cases are now live and being ripped open throughout the country. I bought in on a Series 2 Jumbo case break through A Cardboard Problem blog yesterday evening, snatching the Dodgers, so as soon as they arrive I will feature the Dodger base cards and any hits I get. In the meantime, I thought I would point to a great card that just popped up on eBay.

As you may know, "1 of 1" sketch cards have been inserted in this years boxes and one certain Dodger was made. As you can see above (and below) the sketch card is of Sandy Koufax, and it's glorious. It's so nice I even placed a bid on it, so please don't do the same. I don't need the competition... Heck, who am I kidding? It will probably hit 3 figures (if not more), and that will be out of my price range, so I have no shot at it.

Anyway, check it out in all its glory. It was hand drawn by Brian Kong. See his website here. He has done a bunch of comic drawings for Acclaim, Tekno and Malibu Comics.

Damn... I would really love this card!

eBay: A Drysdale Casey's Lager Beer

Back in High School I had a friend who was an avid can (beer & soda) collector. He had a giant wall filled with vintage cans from all over the country. It was pretty impressive looking. Anyway, I don't quite recall if he had any sports themed cans, but I'm sure he would love this can that I ran into on eBay.

It is a 1980 Casey's Lager can with Duke Snider on it. They were made by Valley Forge Brewing Company out of Wayne, PA. This can is empty as the pull tab was left in tact, but a giant hole resides on the bottom.