Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pre-Game Disruption

SoSG provides the story.
During batting practice, [Grady] Little was heckled by a fan about not removing Pedro Martinez from Game 7 of the 2003 American League Championship Series. Third base coach Rich Donnelly came to Little's defense and the fan was escorted out of the stadium.
Hey! I was there.

That guy was screaming and cursing something crazy. Several F-bombs where thrown about by that idiot. You shoulda heard Nomar. He was at firstbase snagging ground balls when he started screaming "kick the guy out. Kick him out!" He then sported a big smile across his face.

I'll also add that the usher who personally escorted the unruly fan confessed that the guy was ejected without receiving a refund. I guess there could be worse ways to waste $20 bucks. The usher also had a big smile across his face.

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Wilson Valdez Is Our Temporay Shortstop

With the recent injury to Fural, hot-hitting Wilson Valdez will get the call for opening day.

Valdez had two hits in Friday's game against the Florida Marlins and raised his batting average to .382.

"He's a good option for us," Little said of Valdez. "The kid has earned a right."

Valdez added another hit this afternoon in four at-bats. He has been a pleasant surprise this Spring. In the games I've seen him play he has consistently made good contact at both the top and bottom of the order. I think he should be a fine temporary replacement while Furcal gets better.Story Link: OC Register:

My Last Game: Dodgers Win Again. Saturday Versus the O's

The Dodgers headed down to Fort Lauderdale this afternoon to face-off against the Baltimore Orioles. This game was one I hoped would never come.

First of all, Fort Lauderdale Stadium is my least favorite venue. It is a drab old complex. I had heard rumors that Baltimore was considering coming to Vero Beach until the city decided to woo them back. I guess a new stadium is in the works.

Finally, this is my last full day in Florida, and since my flight leaves from Fort Lauderdale tomorrow it made sense to make this my last game this Spring. In many ways this is the worst day of my vacation because I know that I will be back in California tomorrow and work starts again on Monday. Vacations never seem to last long enough.

Thankfully, the Dodgers where able to see me off with a victory. Dodgers 4, Orioles 2. Randy Wolf was great. He finished with 7 strike outs in 5 2/3 innings. His big slow overhand curveball appeared to stifle hitters. They knew it was coming, but they could do nothing but watch it cross the plate. Tsao, Seanez and Hamulack where perfect in relief.

Below, Russell Martin is signing before the game starts.

The victory parade.
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