Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Picks for the 10 Best Dodgers' Cards of 2016

With the new year upon us it is now time to share my picks for the ten best Dodgers' cards of 2016.  As you know, this is the fifth consecutive year I've put this together.  Check out my past list in the below links:
For this list I've tried stayed away from the glitzy and super-rare relic and autographed cards, and stuck to the more common and easily achievable base and insert cards found in packs.  There are some exceptions, of course, including some online exclusive cards.  Furthermore, at the very bottom I included some "Honorable Mentions" that barely missed the cut.


I begin this list by making note of an minor league insert card found in packs of Topps 2016 Pro Debut Baseball.  It is from the "Promo Night Uniform" insert set and it celebrates Hawaiian Shirt Night held by the Ogden Raptors -- a Dodgers Rookie League Affiliate.  As a man who has more of these shirts than I care to count I couldn't help but be drawn to this card. 

2016 Topps Pro Debut
Promo Night Uniform Insert
#PNU-8 Hawaiian Shirt-Ogden Raptors


There's nothing like a Baseball celebration -- except for a card that highlights a Baseball celebration.  Card #9 on my list features Joc Pederson and Adrian Gonzalez with arms entangled on a Topps 2016 Heritage High Numbers "Combo Card" insert card.

2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers
Combo Cards Insert
#CC-6 Adrian Gonzalez & Joc Pederson 
"Dodgers Duo"

Blog Kiosk: 1/10/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Dodgers third baseman Randy Jackson is seen scoring on an inside-the-park home run in the above August 11, 1956 International News press photo taken by Herb Scharfman - a noted Sports Illustrated photographer.  (eBay Auction Link) It was recorded against the Phillies at Ebbets Park and represent the fourth run to cross that plate that inning.  Per the descriptor on the reverse:
The First inning of the Dodger-Phillies game at Ebbets Field today was distinguished by an inside-the-park homer by Randy Jackson of the Dodgers.  It was one of those "almost lost" things as Richie Ashburn, Phillies centerfielder, "almost" got it.  The photo on the left shows (not seen above) Ashburn making his try as the ball hit the centerfield wall.  The photo on the right shows (photo above) Jackson hitting the plate to score on the clout. 
The Dodgers would win the game, 5-2, and it would provide Don Newcombe with his 18th win of the season.  He would record 27 victories that year and win both the Cy Young and MVP.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodger History:  In 1984 Don Drysdale is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; along with Luis Aparicio and Harmon Killebrew.
  • Happy Birthday, Marty Hermann, Johnny Peacock & Adam Kennedy!