Monday, September 10, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 9/10/2012

Representin' in the Bay Area.  Pic via instagram 1pacman.
  • Hey.  At least the Dodgers farm club in Ogden is playing well.  They are in the finals.  Per Sam Dykstra in a MiLB report.
"It feels to great to win this," said Smith, the Dodgers' 12th-round pick in the 2012 Draft. "This is something we've all been working towards since we got here. After winning both divisions this year, this was what we all thought we'd be capable of. Every time we stepped on the field, it was to work toward the opportunity to play for the league title." 
"I don't know if it's pressing too hard or not caring enough or what," Andre Ethier said. "You try to go out there and relax, it doesn't work. You try to go out there and care, and nothing works. Maybe somebody needs to come on and give us all a good shake or something. I don't know."
That's according to minority Dodgers owner and renowned film producer Peter Guber, who said his experience in the business of media entertainment and sports have taught him assembling star power does not guarantee success at the box office or the standings.

Guber, who was at AT&T Park on Friday for the start of a crucial series with the Giants, cited "Bonfire of the Vanities," a 1990 cinematic flop he produced, as an example of a talented lineup that included Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman.
  • Left Field Pavilion makes the call.  Dodgers dying.
  • Sports Collectors Daily unveils a new lawsuit against Upper Deck.  Boy! Considering how they have conducted business with various sports leagues, I'm not surprised by this. 

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Paco, Paco, Paco! Welcome to the Blue!

Paco Rodriguez, also known as Steven Rodriquez in the featured Baseball cards above and below,  pitched in his very first Major League game last night.  Welcome to the Bigs!

Rodriguez is the very first person from the 2012 Draft to make it to the show.  Hopefully he earns a little bit of experience before being given an opportunity to win a job with the Dodgers next season.

In his debut, Paco pitched to just one batter, Brandon Belt, who grounded out to first base.

Also, I figured I'd share some of the Baseball cards that already exist of him.  Above is a 2008 Upper Deck Team USA Baseball card with two other teammates.  Paco is on the far right.  Below is a 2008 Upper Deck Team USA Baseball autograph/game-used jersey card.

BTW, John Sickels at Minor League Ball did a nice write up on Paco Rodriguez.
A 6-3, 215 pound lefty, he was drafted in the second round this spring from the University of Florida. Signed for a slot-value $610,800 bonus, Rodriguez works with a low-90s fastball, a cutter, and a slider. He has a deceptive delivery, but his stuff is impressive 
Sickels shares a video of him from his days as a Gator.

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