Thursday, September 13, 2007

WooHoo! Photos Are Starting to Trickle In

The Great Hazing of 2007 has been a hot topic of late. When will photos show up? How funny did Matt Kemp look in the fat bikini suit? Did they really make Ethier wear a dress? 13 total Dodger rookies and sophomore players wore costumes and not one photo had yet escaped onto the internet- until now!

The Sons of Steve Garvey have the scoop of the year!

Right now they have 4 photos featuring Andy LaRoche, James Loney, Andre Ethier and Chin-lung Hu. They promise more to come later. And yes, Ethier was sporting a fashionable pink dress. Good Times!

On a side note: Doesn't Chin-lung Hu look a lot like the Asian acrobat in the movie Ocean's Eleven, Shaobo Qin?

2007 Dodgers Hazing Pics Link: SOSG: