Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Twitter Pics from Tonights Dodger Rally

As you may know, a rally for Dodger fans to celebrate last nights announcement regarding McCourt's agreement to sell the team went down this evening in front of the Sunset Boulevard entrance to Dodger Stadium. For such an impromptu event there appeared to be quite a few people there.

Kemp Wins a 2011 Silver Slugger Award

Matt Kemp is going to need more shelf space. In addition to all of the awards he has already received he walks away with his second Silver Slugger Award this evening. From the Dodgers press release:

After winning a Rawlings Gold Glove Award yesterday, Kemp became the first-ever Dodger to take home both a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger in multiple seasons after also doing so in 2009. The only other Dodgers to have won both awards in the same season were Dusty Baker (1981) and Russell Martin (2007). Kemp joined the Reds’ Brandon Phillips and the Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki as the only National League players to claim both a Rawlings Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award in 2011.

Kemp was also honored last week as the Dodgers’ first-ever winner of the Hank Aaron Award, which recognizes the most outstanding offensive performers in each league. Additionally, he was selected as Baseball America’s Major League Player of the Year, chosen as a Sporting News All-Star and is a finalist for the Players Choice Award for the Player of the Year, which will be announced tomorrow.

And check out that photo above. It's from Louisville Sluggers Facebook and it features all 18 Louisville Slugger 2011 Silver Slugger Awards on the set of MLB Network.

So Who Are the Potential Buyers?

With last nights news comes the arduous and difficult task of waiting for what comes next. Frank McCourt may be headed for the exits, but who will come in to take his place?

We all hope that the next owner will love team like we all do. We also know that the next owner will be a businessman who will seek higher revenue and profits; especially considering a price of over $1Billion will be expected. So who could this be? Is there a savior in sight?

Check out a brief list I've put together consisting of folks who have already expressed interest or are speculated to be interested. Check it out and let me know if there is someone else you think might be in play.
  • Bill Burke. Remember this guy? He made a unsolicited $1.2Billion offer in early September. His offer was immediately vilified as unserious and a secret plot by the Communist Chinese to buy Los Angeles- or some crazy such thing. Personally, I'd like to know more about the buyers, partners and financing before disregarding it.
  • Mark Cuban. You all know who he is. He appears to be everyone's choice as future owner of the team. Cuban is an uber-fan Angelenos would probably appreciate. On the other hand, it has already been reported (via LA Times) that the expected price tag for the team may be a non-starter.
  • Time Warner. I never would have considered this, but Bill Shaikin of the LA Times makes a interesting observation. Check out his tweet below. Actual interest has yet to be confirmed.
  • Fox- again? Since Time Warner has been mentioned then Fox has to be considered as a potential buyer, no? Fortunately, it appears we will not have to go through their ownership again. Word through twitterland is "no way, jose" from the big boses at News Corp.
  • Eli Broad. He is retired real estate developer with a net worth valued at almost $6Billion. On top of that, he had made a reported $430Million offer for the Dodgers in 2004. This offer was nearly all cash. ALL CASH! Something tells me that he will be coming back into focus for a second stab at the team.
  • Ron Burkle. He is also a California born investor worth over $3Billion. Burkle is already a part sports franchise owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins and has been speculated to be a potential player for the Dodgers should it be up for sale.
  • Philip Anschutz. He is a $7Billion Denver native who owns and operates AEG. If you don't already know, they built the Staples Center and adjoining LA Live! and owns the LA Kings hockey franchise (as well as, part of the Lakers). His company is also heavily involved in the proposed building of a downtown football stadium. I suspect the real estate associated with the Dodgers and often spoken about plans to develop the area into a destination entertainment complex will find great appeal to Anschultz and AEG.
  • Magic Johnson. Wow! Wouldn't that be something if he came out the victor here? He has become quite a businessman since he left the hardcourt. With the right financial backers Magic may be a great choice. As previously reported, he sold his stake in the Lakers and has been neck-deep in the effort to bring football to LA. Will he shift gears and focus on the Dodgers?
UPDATE: Checkout another list that have been put together over the past several months in anticipation of a Dodger sale.
Furthermore, I forgot to mention Steve Garvey as a potential buyer. Of course, he would have to put together a group of investors to make it happen. Does he have right backers? Do any Dodger fans want him running the franchise?

Blog Kiosk: 11/2/2011

Here's a great pic of Gold Glover Clayton Kershaw showing his skills. (Pic via twitter @Dodgers)
  • MLB Trade Rumors post their projected arbitration salaries here:
    Matt Kemp - $16.3MM; Andre Ethier - $10.7MM; Clayton Kershaw - $8.4MM; James Loney - $6.5MM; Hong-Chih Kuo - $2.5MM; Tony Gwynn Jr. - $1.1MM
  • The Eastern League just started their auction in benefit of flood victims in Binghamton, NY and Harrisburg, PA.
  • Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts provides 'An Early History of McCourt Concerns.'
  • Steve Dilbeck tells us to take a bow. Fans had everything to do with McCourt's decision to sell the team.
  • Mark Cuban will not buy the Dodgers- the price is damn high! Via Bill Shaikin at LA Times.
  • Federal agents bust several websites and dealers peddling counterfeit goods, via SCD.
  • LFP commemorates the McCourt sale decision with a great pic. Check it out here.
  • FanGraphs analyses Yu Darvish and declares that buyers shouldn't overpay.
  • Check out this great story at Diamond Hoggers about a Game 7 World Series trip to St. Louis that is just too incredible not to share.