Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Comparing Saito to Gagne

Steve Hulkower of Bugs & Cranks, one of numerous new (at least new to me) Dodger fan blogs on the Internet, favorably compares our current closer Takashi Saito to the former master Eric Gagne.
"Takashi Saito, in his attempt to emulate the success of Gagne, has not blown a save since August 25th, 2006. Since that day, the Los Angeles Dodgers have played 84 games and Saito has converted all 25 of his save chances...

In the three seasons that covered his consecutive saves record, Gagne struck out 365 batters while only waking 58 for a strike out to walk ratio of over 6:1.

In Saito’s 1 1/3 seasons as a major leaguer, he has struck out 133 batters while walking just 25; a ratio of better than 5:1. In the first two months of 2007, Saito has struck out 26 and walked only 2; a 13:1 ratio.

Eric Gagne compiled an earned run average of 1.79 and a whip of 0.82 during those three seasons.

Takashi Saito has an era of 1.97 and a whip of .84 in his 8 months of Major League Baseball.

Eric Gagne threw 14.92 pitches per inning. Takashi Saito is throwing 16.3.

Gagne had batting averages against of .133, .181, and .189. Saito has batting averages against of .177 and .188.
The most important questions to ask is who misses Gagne now?

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