Thursday, June 21, 2012

Collection: Adrian Beltre UD Origins Autograph

I'm a big fan of inserted certified autograph Dodgers cards.  So much so that I will seek out just about any signed Dodgers card- as long as the player is in a Dodgers uniform.  Therefore, this card featured here qualifies.

This is a 2005 Upper Deck Origins Signature card of former Dodgers third baseman Adrian Beltre.  As you can see it is actually a Mariners card; since Beltre signed with them out of free agency the December before the issue of this set.  Given that, the only pictures available to Upper Deck must have only been Dodgers affiliated.  So, instead of air-brushing the photo they kept it as is.

2012 Topps Tier One- Some of the Dodgers Cards

When gambling and Baseball cards combine you get Tier One.

One box is really just one pack of three cards.  It will run you anywhere between $80 to $100 for that pack.  So, the gambling analogy above is very apt.  Even more so when you consider that there is no base cards in the product.  There is no set to complete.  It is a product consisting of only "hits."  Given that, I figured I'd feature some of the cards pulled so far to show here since I doubt I'll be adding any of these cards to my collection any time soon.  It's like this post is my version of online window shopping.

BTW, if I see any of the rarer "1 of 1" cards going forward I'll be sure to post about them in the future.  These cards here are some of the more common hits you might find. The big Dodgers stars you would expect are in here.  You can pull autographs of Matt Kemp and Sandy Koufax.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to see any of them for awhile.  Only redemption cards are inserted in packs for them. 

Below is a Crowd Please Autograph of Andre Ethier and a "silver ink" parallel below that card.

CPA-AE Andre Ethier

This is a Top Shelf Autograph Relic of Dee Gordon.  Considering the price of the pack I would be mighty disappointed in pulling a Gordon card. 

TSAR-DG Dee Gordon

The next three cards are called On The Rise Autographed cards.

OR-CKE Clayton Kershaw /50

OR-DG Dee Gordon /75

OR-NE Nathan Eovaldi /395

Here is a Top Shelf Relic of Andre Ethier; including a base jersey card and a parallel triple jersey relic card.

TSR-AE Andre Ethier