Sunday, May 14, 2006

Strong Starting Pitching

Another great outing by a starting pitcher. Jae Seo goes 6 innings while giving up 3 hits and only one run. Odalis was shaky in his one inning after a nearly 2 week layoff. Beimel continues to impress.

Overall, the offense looks good with contributions from old and new guys. Starting pitching has been solid, but relief could use some relief. Its definitely something to work on. I'm confident its something that can improve as the season rolls on.

Co-Dodger Buys of the Week (part 1)

The first nice Dodger win of the week was a lot of 6 - 1934 Diamond matchbook covers of Brooklyn Dodger players. These are getting harder to come by nowadays. As you can imagine they are prone to damage due to use. Arriving was Van Mungo, Walter Beck, John Fredrick, Ralph Boyle, Joe Stripp and Tony Cuccinello. Check out the other cards in my album.

Co-Dodger Buys of the Week (part 2)

Arriving this week from a healthy eBay shopping weekend is a Friars Roast Dinner Press Ribbon for former Dodger Manager Leo Durocher. This "Roast" was held on January 18, 1974. Guest roasters at the event was Maury Wills, Bobby Riggs, Dizzy Dean, Chuck Connors, Alex Karras, Jack Carter and Foster Brooks. What an event!