Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lindsey Gets to Hit

Through all the turmoil and disappointment that has been the 2010 Dodger season it's nice to be able to share a great moment with a player who has persevered through 16 minor league seasons. John Lindsey had his first Major League at-bat in this evenings game in Houston. In front of a contingent of family and friends, who drove in from Mississippi, Lindsey saw 3 pitches. Pitch number 3 was a fastball that he skied to right centerfield.

Check out the at-bat here. Also, see his official Baseball-Reference page here. He is now in the record books, and is expected to start in this coming Saturdays game.

Twitter Pics From Dodger Day

This afternoon was Dodger Day at the LA County Fair. Here are some pics from some fans found on twitter.

Maury Wills Auto

Fernando Valenzuela

Steve Garvey

Steve Sax

Box Break at a Game

I wish I had stumbled upon this earlier. A Dodger fan named Cisco went to a Padres vs. Dodgers game earlier in the season and decided to break a box of 2007 Upper Deck Black Baseball. Even better, his seats were right behind the dugout. Unfortunately, Cisco didn't pull any big hits, but at least he had some fun doing it.

YouTube Link:

What Dodger Stadium Could Have Looked LIke

Here is a really interesting vintage postcard showing an artist model/ rendering of Dodger Stadium. It is marked by architects Praeger Kavanagh Waterbury, who originally designed the stadium for Walter O'Malley. Check out the grassy knoll beyond the outfield and the roundabout near the upper reserve level.

Wheaties: Van Lingle Mungo

Here is a large (6" x 6 1/4") card of Brooklyn Dodger Van Lingle Mungo. It is from 1936. These can be tough to find in descent condition since a fan would have to cut them out from the back of a Wheaties box. They are fairly inexpensive, but can be tough to track down. This particular style can be very difficult to find with the framed borders intact. Often, kids would cut it down to the photo itself. I had gotten this on eBay several years ago, and, if memory serves me right, I paid just under $30.00 for it. Not bad considering it's in great uncreased condition (a couple of wrinkles notwithstanding). Click on the pic above to enlarge it.