Thursday, June 25, 2009

MannyVision III & Some Other Dodger Videos

More of Manny in Albuquerque.

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Part 2.

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Upper Deck's video of Loney, Billingsley and Broxton's recent signing at their HB store.

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OK. This crazy dude is called "Rental Man." He goes to just about every Southland sporting event, usually in costume, to dance. He bugs me, but some folks find him hilarious.

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Koufax is Still the Toast of the Town

Sandy Koufax rarely makes public appearance, but when he does come out he instantly becomes more popular than the President. Recently, he showed up at a Pro-AM golf tournament called the Traveller's Championship in Connecticut. Expectantly, he was surrounded by fans and collectors alike. From the Middletown Press:
He is as gracious as he was brilliant, but there were times Wednesday that the fans wanted a piece of him a little too much. He tried to humor a man who insisted that he take his lucky coin. When Koufax finished the second hole, as he walked over toward the gallery, he instructed them to be polite and orderly. When a couple of fans may have not been quite that, he shushed them.

After the round, I asked Koufax if the crowd’s over-exuberance got any better as the day went along. “You think it got any better?” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “No.”

Go read the rest as he talks about various charities he has been involved with.

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Manny's Doctor Under Investigation

Manny's doctor, Pedro Publio Bosch, who prescribed the fertility medication is currently under DEA investigation. From ESPN:

"We're aware of the investigation and our department of investigations is cooperating with the DEA," MLB president Bob DuPuy said Thursday afternoon. He declined to answer any other questions.

Investigators believe the prescription for human chorionic gonadotropin, known as hCG, was written by Pedro Publio Bosch, 71, a physician who has practiced family medicine in Florida since 1976. His son, Anthony Bosch, 45, is believed to have worked as a contact between his father and Ramirez. It's unclear how far along the DEA is in its inquiry but sources indicated that investigators want to know whether either man ever procured improper or illegal prescriptions for other people. DEA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Sign For Me, Please

Here is my final Legendary Auctions post and I made sure to keep the best for last. They have a huge lot of 36 Sports Magazine photos of ballplayers with fans. There are all kinds of shots with autographs hounds, children and even groupies. Really, this lot consist of some of the best candid photos around. As of this writing it is at $1,560.00 and rising.
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Who says autograph hounds are worse today? Look at George Brett being surrounded by a sea of balls. I don't recognize the fellow below, but he too is surrounded. (I think he may be Satchel Paige? If anyone has a better guess please let em know)
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Sandy crouches and smiles to the delight of a child and his mom.
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Hey Mickey! Say, "Ahhhh!"
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Campy looks tired as he sign for the kid.
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This is just too damn adorable. Warren Spahn poses with an happy fan.
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Lou Gehrig signing. He is wearing a Yankee uniform with a 1939 Baseball Centennial patch on his sleeve.
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This Clemente photo is powerful and graceful at the same time.
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The ladies love Pee Wee.