Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Dodger Pics

You gotta love the internet. When you can't make the game- no worries- there are sure to be photos you can find.

SB Todd had the choice seats yesterday.

Orange Wheeeee! was in China for the Dodger game and was kind enough to share some pics with all of us.

GMBM took some great pictures during the Dodger vs Red Sox game yesterday. Check them out below.

Barney Stein's New Book

Nostalgia is as thick as fog these days. The Dodgers are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in Los Angeles this year with a game at their original ballpark in the Coliseum. Dodger Stadium is going through a complete face lift, complete with new concessionaires. Dodgertown is no more as the team removed itself from one of the last reminders of its Brooklyn heritage. Fortunately, the past is not all lost. The family of Barney Stein, the long-time official photographer for the Brooklyn Dodgers, just released a book of their fathers great photos. Go to their website for more info.
Barney, only 5-foot-4, was known as “the spry little guy with the camera.” He was the embodiment of perpetual motion, on the field and in the photographers’ box suspended between home plate and first base or in the locker room.


He not only taught me photography, but I learned about the strong emotions of the game and friendships among the players and those associated with the team.

In those days the Dodgers were like an extended family, and his photo archives are like a family album. It was a time when the fans walked the players home, win or lose, and the players would willingly sign autographs and pose for photos with their adoring fans. Major League Baseball blogger Derek Savage recently wrote: “They were the only team in MLB history to be named for a neighborhood rather than a city or state. It was all about community. The Dodgers were family; a metaphor for life in America. In the 1950s, the Brooklyn Dodgers were America.”
Below is Ralph Branca after his pitch to Bobby Thompson.
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