Friday, July 29, 2011

Mailbag: LoDuca Donruss Studio Auto

eBay has once again become a repository of great Dodger bargains. Check out this 2003 Donruss Studio Private Signings card of Paul LoDuca. It is numbered 69 out of 75 and features a unique background that I'm pretty certain has never been used on a card. It is the Dodger Stadium Top Deck seats - one of my favorite places to sit during a game. When you are there you feel like you're literally sitting above home plate with a panoramic view of the entire stadium and field in front of you. On top of that, the seats are super cheap. Like, $6 a seat cheap. Considering this card was also had for a bargain, for $0.99, it really makes for a nice duo. An inexpensive card showing affordable seats in the background while featuring a player and a view that was far from cheap.

2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects Series 2: Fernando Patch Card

I gotta be honest with ya. I don't know a lot about this set. It is from a company called "In The Game," is unlicensed by MLB, and is made by a company more known in the hobby for hockey cards than Baseball. In fact, this is the companies first year at trying to make cards featuring Baseball players, and since they do not have a license there are no team logos in the design. What the set does have is a boatload of prospects cards and their autographs. On top of that, there are some pretty big "hits" that may make it worthwhile for collectors to chase. This is the 2nd series set. Check out my post about the 1st series, here.

For instance, check out the above card. It is a 1 of 1 game-used patch card of Fernando Valenzuela, and it features a 1984 Olympic Games patch. Unopened boxes go live in early August. Check out more, here, at beckett.