Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Know You Were A Baseball Fan in the 80's If?

John Renneke of Balls & Cranks puts together a fun list asking an age old question. You know you were a Baseball fan in the 80's if? This reminds me how great 80's Baseball use to be. Below are some of my favorites.
1. You watched "This Week in Baseball" every Saturday afternoon and still get fired up every time you hear the theme song. (I miss Mel Allen)

2. You wanted to be a member of "the Baseball Bunch" so you could show Johnny Bench and Tommy Lasorda how great you were at catching pop-ups. (Didn't Tommy play a Mr. Wizard in that show too?)

4. You can remember Wrigley Field before it had lights. (The Glory Years!)

7. You can remember when hitting 30 home runs qualified as a monster season. (Now we're not happy unless we have a couple of guys on the team who can do it.)

10. You can remember when the Kansas City Royals were actually competitive in the American League. (Man, that was a long time ago.)

17. You remember when having a player's Topps card was the only one that really mattered. (And that gum... remember that gum?)

18. You remember when Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were built like normal human beings.

19. You remember having to wait until the next day's newspaper arrived to check out the day's box scores.
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Wow! Talk About Unexpected!

This was the last thing I thought I'd read today.
The Dodgers announced today that they have dismissed Hitting Coach Eddie Murray and have named Bill Mueller as Interim Hitting Coach, according to Dodger Manager Grady Little.

“Change is never easy but sometimes it is necessary and we feel that this is the best thing right now to help the team win,” said Little. “Our offense hasn’t lived up to our expectations and no one person is responsible for the results we’ve had this season. I have the utmost respect for Eddie Murray as a person and as a professional and I wish him nothing but the best.”

Maybe the recent improvements made by Betemit, Pierre and the whole team this past series against the Mets was in spite of Murray instead of because of him.

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Update: Trolley Dodger may have found the reason for Murray's departure in a story written by Tim Brown.

The problem, he said, was Murray could be difficult to approach, particularly for a young player. And Murray, he said, didn’t do enough of approaching of his own.

“He’s trying, I think,” the veteran said. “He’s better this year than he was last year.”

Yup, that's probably it.