Monday, December 29, 2008

Dunn in the Outfield?

Since Manny prefers to wait, the Dodger decide that they can't let time waste away. They have apparently made calls about slugger (and strike out machine) Adam Dunn.
The Dodgers contacted Dunn's agent, Greg Genske, over the holidays, according to an executive of a team interested in Dunn... The Dodgers, meanwhile, need to infuse power into a lineup that finished 14th in the National League in home runs last season. And with no certainty that they can re-sign Ramirez, they seem to have decided that Dunn represents their best alternative... Dunn also would require no draft-pick compensation because his former team, Arizona, didn't offer him arbitration.
I like his power, but fear his gift at striking out.
Pic Link: The Nasty Boys:

I also found a website that is running their 2nd Annual Douchie Awards and Brad Penny is in the running for a prize. Penny had emptied out his locker at Dodger Stadium and disappeared without telling a soul before the playoffs started this past October. What a Douche! Go here to check it out and vote.

In some additional free agency news, Bobby Abreu appears to be in our sights as well and the Mets are thinking trade for Andruw Jones.