Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dodgers and Fashion go Hand in Hand - Vintage Pics of Models, Dodgers and the Coliseum

I've been a bit bored, so I figured, "why not?"


It comes as no surprise that the LA Dodgers are a fashion magnet.  Earlier this year we saw current Dodger players model clothing by Ted Baker London during their inaugural LADF Blue Diamond Gala, and who can forget the fashionable stylings of Andre Ethier and Juan Uribe

Of course, fashion models have also found a way to the Dodgers; as evidenced by the photos in this post.

While perusing eBay I came across a couple of listings featuring a sizable group of ladies posing for the cameras at both the Coliseum and Dodger Stadium while fans and players alike looked on. 

All of the photos are undated.  Clearly, though, most of the pics are from the LA Coliseum.  So, they date from 1958 to 1961.  In the pic at the very top (see auction here), several Dodger players pose with the models using the Coliseum stands as a backdrop.  From left to right; Stan Williams (?), pitcher Don Drysdale, Dodger coach Walter Alston, and Norm Sherry.

The grouping of photos below (you can see these at this auction listing) also show both the grandstands and the players dugout at the LA Coliseum.  Click any pic to embiggen.

What the heck is the lady below holding?  Is that a bat wrapped in lace?

The photo contact sheet below is at Dodger Stadium.  Walter Alston is in the group photo.

And here is a lady standing at the on-deck circle with the Coliseum torch in the background (see this auction here).  Is that Gil Hodges on his knee?

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2015 Topps Series 2 Baseball - Highlight of the Year, Stepping Up and Own the Name Cards

I hope you're not getting sick of Topps 2015 Series 2 Baseball packs 'cause I've got even more Dodger inserts cards to gaze at.  Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set. Below are the Highlight of the Year, Stepping Up and Own the Name cards.

Highlight of the Year

#H-40 Jackie Robinson

#H-46 Sandy Koufax

Blog Kiosk: 6/23/2015 - Dodger Links - Crawford, Turner and a Pups in the Park Video

Look at the wondrous skies above Wrigley Field last night.

The setting sun sent splashes of orange, red and brown against bulbous formations that look like goosebumps.  There was almost a menacing feel to it - like the skies would open up at any second.  Storms throughout the area wreaked havoc causing lights to go out at Wrigley.  I imagine that they exploded in a flash like a Roy Hobbs home run off the top deck.

This predictably caused arguments to ensue.  Chicago, ever fearful of the master on the mound, protested having to bat against a Kershaw spinner without enough lights.  Via Jesse Rogers at ESPN:
"I didn't like the idea that we had to play against a guy that is really, really, really, really good," Maddon said. "And you have to see spin and you have to read everything. I did not like the fact that we had to go out and play without all the lights on. Just be a little more patient and wait for the lights to go on."
In the end, it didn't matter.

Kershaw gave up a couple of homers and the Dodgers didn't score enough runs.  Via Ken Gurnick at MLB.com:
"It's always frustrating to lose," said Kershaw, 21-3 as last year's National League MVP Award and Cy Yound Award winner but 5-5 this season. "It's a couple pitches here and there. I wish they were doubles instead of home runs. Maybe this was a little better than last time, but it's still a loss."
It was a tough loss.  For whatever reason the middle of summer the past several years always make me feel like the Dodgers take that one big step, only to take another step back at the next possible moment.

The fantastic photo at the very top is via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2015Go here to check out more photos of yesterday's game from Jon.  Below are some links to check out:
That's good enough for Mattingly to say, "Andre's kind of taken that spot, to be honest with you."

  • Check out Topps newest online exclusive offering.  It's a 18" x 24" movie style poster featuring Joc Pederson and Clayton Kershaw.  The design is inspired by the 1981 Topps Movie Giant Pin Ups.  It is numbered to only 99 copies.  Go here to check it out.  You can see it on the right.  Click on the pic to embiggen.
  • I'm as confident as ever that Pete Rose should never be admitted into the Hall of Fame.  Per William Weinbaum and T.J. Quinn at ESPN, "Entries in long-hidden notebook show Pete Rose bet on baseball as player."
"Bertolini nails down the connection to organized crime on Long Island and New York. And that is a very powerful problem," Dowd said. "[Ohio bookie] Ron Peters is a golf pro, so he's got other occupations. But the boys in New York are about breaking arms and knees.

"The implications for baseball are terrible. [The mob] had a mortgage on Pete while he was a player and manager."

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