Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Many Outfits of Juan Uribe

Good golly!

What the heck strolled into the Dodger clubhouse yesterday?

Well... It's Uribe, and he's hoping to school his fashion conscious teammates with his magnificent glory.  He looks so dashing in matching pajamas laced with shiny emblems.  It's like he's an angel with golden wings and stars - lots of stars - to usher him into greatness.  I, like I'm sure many of his teammates, feel humbled by his attire. 

Thankfully, we should expect many more days of Uribe in fantastic garb. 

From my recollection, it all started on Opening Day back in the states - March 30th in San Diego.  Juan Uribe came to the clubhouse with the below creation that still boggles the mind (pic via Enrique Rojas of ESPN on twitter). 
(pic via Enrique Rojas of ESPN on twitter)

I am still wondering what the heck is on his chest.  Is that a classical religious scene, like a Rembrandt or Rubens depiction, where a celestial being is shown being worshiped by the masses?

Anyway, the best thing about that Opening Day was that Hanley Ramirez created a instagram video that appears to both mock and enlighten us about what the future will hold.  Check it out below.  Uribe is heard saying, "more coming... forget today... forget today... more coming, dog"

Juan wasn't kidding.

He apparently has a giant wardrobe, and he isn't afraid to share it. 

Below is another fashion creation that he wore this past Sunday.  At first I thought it was a Michael Jackson ripoff.  Then, I read a commenter on twitter say "ladybug," and realized that was a perfect description. 
(pic via @Dodgers on twitter)

I am horrified by Uribe's fashion sense, but like an a accident on the side of the road, I can't help but be intrigued and stare.  What else could Juan pull out of his closet?  This Dodger fan can't wait to find out.

The pic at the very top via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.

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