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Dodgers Memorabilia at REA Auctions - Dodgers' Game Used Goodies

So far, I've shared some great historical Dodger memorabilia and some fantastic painted folk-art Baseballs available at REA Auctions.  Now, I take a look at some game-used Dodger memorabilia.  Go here to take a look at my post on this auction.

As always, the provenance of vintage material like this is always key, and I am hardly an expert when it comes to this.  That being said, I enjoy knowing that some of this stuff still exist, but understand that sometimes you have to take it with a grain of salt. 

Featured below is purported to be an sweater worn by former Dodger Announcer Tex Rickards.  He was the longtime public address announcer at Ebbets Field.  Via the auction description:
Rickards, who sat at the end of the Brooklyn Dodgers bench during games, was known for his hilarious malapropisms during games, such as the time he notified the crowd of a missing child by announcing "a little boy has been found lost." Another time he saw some coats hanging over the bleacher wall, and Rickards announced, “Will the fans along the railing in left field please remove their clothes.”
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Below is said to be a mid-50's mesh-style Dodger cap once worn by Sandy Koufax.  It originates directly from the personal collection of former Major League pitcher Karl Drews.  From the Auction Description:
When we were young our father brought home from his spring training site a hat that he said he got from a very young Sandy Koufax. He told us how he was a very young left handed pitcher who everyone had great expectations for and that he too thought would be a truly great pitcher one day. He told us how special this hat would be some day if Koufax had the type of career that the players and coaches envisioned. We kept the hat in our closet with other items from my father's playing days (there were no fancy hat boxes, bat holders, etc back then)...
Like I said above... 'grain of salt'.
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Below is Leo Durocher's 1938 Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball cap.  From the auction description:
Early caps such as this example with the player's name actually stitched in by the manufacturer are especially prized by collectors. Ideally, Durocher has signed the cap on the underside of the brim with what appears to be either gold felt-tip pen or paint pen (grading "3"). It should be noted that this is an exceedingly rare "style" cap that was only used during home games in 1938. That year the Dodgers changed the design of their home uniforms and for that season, and that season only, their home cap featured a pinstripe design, as opposed to the familiar solid blue that came before and after.
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I love me some Satin!

The next two items are the home and away Satin Dodger jersey's worn at various times in '40's.  As you may know, these are very rare.  The below road uniform is said to have been worn by Dodger manager Chuck Dressen.
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The below satin home satin jersey was worn by Carl Furillo.
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