Monday, August 07, 2017

Bellinger Superfractor Shows Up on eBay

Come on now... get your filthy fingers off that card!

There's nothing more annoying than seeing pics like this. As you might imagine holding this card that way is an easy way to damage it, and any bit of damage can be costly. After all, a superfractor of a stud rookie like Bellinger is likely to sell for thousands -- even if it's not the best of the superfractors available of him.

Featured here is the Cody Bellinger 2017 Topps Chrome superfractor parallel card (auction link), and it is currently available for sale on eBay for $17,500.00. A tidy sum, no doubt.

As you may know, superfractor parallel cards are all "1 of 1's", so they are highly sought after by collectors. In fact, superfractors from the Bowman brand are considered the best available card of any rookie. So, the above Bellinger isn't going to be his most valuable card. Still, as his first Topps pack-issued flagship autograph card it could sell for a bundle.

BTW, the most valuable of his cards is likely to be the 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographed superfractor, and as far as I know that card has not yet to been unearthed. Either it is still sitting in an unopened pack, or a collector has stowed it away from prying eyes.

On another note, there is one other Bellinger superfractor currently on eBay. It is his 2017 Bowman Platinum rookie radar superfractor insert, and it is available at $2,000.00. (auction link) See that below.

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  1. I have the Bowman Platinum cuts auto 1/1 of Cody Bellinger. It's die cut and sticker auto on card but only 25 base versions were made and 10 black versions and mine the 1/1. In a sense it is a 1/1 within only 36 total variations.

    1. Also I believe other than the 2015 Bowman Chrome auto superfractor (which side note has been claimed to be found on another well known forum) mine is his first auto super.

  2. Sorry 2017 Bowman Platinum cuts auto 1/1

  3. I am not detouring from the fact that this is an amazing card and I would agree and put it as his #2 behind the 2015 Bowman chrome auto super. Then for now until 2017 Bowman Chrome releases and that super auto is found I would place mine third. His asking price on the topps chrome seems that it would need to be graded to get that value out of it. But you never know Bellinger is killing it! If I could sell off all my low, mid and some high end stuff of Bellinger and Judge I would purchase this superfractor.


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