Thursday, December 09, 2010

Is Koufax a Done Deal for Topps?

There appears to be some doubt within the hobby that the previously reported signing by Topps of Dodger hurler Sandy Koufax for next year sets is true. (Here is my original story) Apparently, the original news source,, has removed the story and now the Topps tweet announcing the Koufax signing is gone. The tweet can only be found by searching out those who originally had retweeted it- check one out here. A Dodger card blogger, Night Owl Cards, did some sleuthing and received the following response from Topps, via twitter.
Me: @toppscards Care to enlighten why yesterday's mention of your 2011 deal with Koufax has been removed in a few key places?
Unfortunately, I can't.
So... what's the story? Is Koufax in or out? Did Topps jump the gun here?

OT: The Irish Economic Disaster Explained: NSFW

This video is starting to make the rounds and it put a big grin on my face. Heck, I'm laughing as I write this. NSFW

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Memory Lane Auctions: Ebbets Field Last Game Ticket

Here is a rare full unused ticket you don't see everyday. It is from the very last Dodger game at Ebbets Field, September 24, 1957 and is available from the current Memory Lane Auction. Considering that attendance was only at 6,702 you would think more of these would be available. After all, practically nobody attended so there should be a bunch of unused tickets somewhere, right? Alas, with a despondent fan-base and a management so eager to go they probably just threw them in a fire.

Gibson Shocked At Auction Results

Not only was the collecting world amazed at the values garnered from the SCP Auction, but so was Kirk Gibson. From the Detroit News:
Even Gibson was surprised how the action picked up.
"I was at my ranch (in northern Michigan) with David Wells and (Jake) Peavy, so I went to bed probably around 10:30," Gibson said. "And I got up at 4:30 and I looked and I was like, 'Holy (cow).'"
The items are out of his possession, and he still has no seller's remorse.
"No, no," he said with a smile, "not at all."
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Legendary Auctions: Some More Dodgers

Here are some more Dodger related collectibles available from the Legendary Auctions Bill Mastro Collection. Below is 1950 Barney Stein Type 1 photograph of Roy Campanella showing his son how to catch.

This is a very rare advertising window display piece featuring Jackie Robinson. It advertises the 1952 Topps set and is thought to be one of only two known to exist.

Here is one of the more unusual Dodger related items in the auction. I'll let the auction description describe it.
Three pounds sounds light. Or squishy, in the case of the human brain. But when compressed into a dense, 3"-diameter ball made of pure cast-iron, those three pounds have the heft of a mini-cannonball. Accompanying this deceptively weighty silver-finish ball (Near Mint with a tiny bored mounting hole) is an undated handwritten LOA from a New York photographer named Jack Barry, who writes, "Many years ago the Brooklyn Dodgers gave me a cast-iron baseball to help an ailing shoulder. To the best of my recollection the year was sometime in the mid-fifties. The purpose of the weighted ball was to keep a pitcher's arm from tightening up after throwing for more than three innings. Carrying the heavy ball kept a player's elongated muscles from tightening up. By using the ball it was supposed to take less time to warm up—for the next game."

Here is a phenomenal panoramic photograph of the first game of the 1959 World Series between the Dodgers and the White Sox. It reads on the bottom right,

Auto Collection: Andre Ethier- a 1 of 1

Here is another certified auto card from my collection. This is a rare 1 of 1 2007 Upper Deck Black "white whale" card of Andre Ethier. It's definitely one of the keys in my auto card collection.