Thursday, December 09, 2010

Is Koufax a Done Deal for Topps?

There appears to be some doubt within the hobby that the previously reported signing by Topps of Dodger hurler Sandy Koufax for next year sets is true. (Here is my original story) Apparently, the original news source,, has removed the story and now the Topps tweet announcing the Koufax signing is gone. The tweet can only be found by searching out those who originally had retweeted it- check one out here. A Dodger card blogger, Night Owl Cards, did some sleuthing and received the following response from Topps, via twitter.
Me: @toppscards Care to enlighten why yesterday's mention of your 2011 deal with Koufax has been removed in a few key places?
Unfortunately, I can't.
So... what's the story? Is Koufax in or out? Did Topps jump the gun here?

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