Friday, February 09, 2018

2018 Dodger Spring Training Info and Complete Roster

The Dodgers just released their entire 2018 Spring Training roster, so I thought I would pass that along (see at very bottom).  This should be a helpful guide for those of you attending games at Camelback Ranch.  After all, it just isn't reasonable for you to know everybody's number.  BTW, this list will likely adjust/change as Spring Training moves along.  I'll do my best to update this.  Below are some pertinent dates to keep in mind:
  • Tuesday, February 13 - Pitchers and Catchers Report 
  • Wednesday, February 14 - Pitchers and Catchers 1st Workout
  • Sunday, February 18 - Position Players Report 
  • Monday, February 19 - First Full-Squad Workout 
  • Thursday, February 22 - Dodgers Photo Day (media related event only) 
  • Wednesday, March 7 - All Minor League Players 1st Workout
Here are the typical batting and field practice schedules for home games.

Check Out this Vintage Dodger Pinstripes Uniform - 1933

For most folks the last thing to come to mind when thinking about the Dodgers is pinstripes, but here we are. Featured is a vintage 1933 Brooklyn Dodger uni that is currently on auction at Heritage (Heritage auction link), and as you can see it comes with something associated more closely associated with the Yankees. For those who do not know, the Dodgers wore pinstripes at various times throughout their early history -- lastly in 1936.

Blog Kiosk: 2/9/2018 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

The Dodgers have now completed their annual Spring move to Camelback Ranch. On Wednesday the club packed up their stuff (see the photo on the top right), and then landed in Arizona and unpacked yesterday (see the photo on the top right). Pics above via @Dodgers and @CamelbackRanch on twitter.

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