Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Felton and his Knot-Hole Gang

Recently, I came across an interesting eBay auction featuring a 1954 Baseball Guide of Happy Felton's Knot-Hole Gang. It sold for, what I thought was a low price of, $9.99.

The Knot-Hole Gang has been largely forgotten by today's Dodger fans, but back in Brooklyn during the days of the "Boys of Summer" it was a popular pregame show before every Dodger home game. Happy Felton would host a group of 3 little league ballplayers of the same age, same position and from 3 different Baseball programs and have them work out with a Dodger player. They would go through drills the pro's do. Then, the Dodger would pick one of the kids who did the best. That kid's prize would be to have an opportunity to meet the player of his choice the next game and hang out in the dugout with the team. I'm sure that was like a dream for the kid. The show would close with the previous shows winner interviewing his chosen player on TV.
eBay Auction Link:

Below is a large pic of Happy Felton from Snider's Photo Album. Below that is a child's membership card to the Knot-Hole Gang.

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