Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Topps Living Set - #104 - Alex Verdugo

This new Alex Verdugo card makes it the eighth Dodger to be issued in Topps Living Baseball card set -- which seems like an awful lot considering there are only 105 cards available in the set so far. Nevertheless, this Dodger fan welcomes the future Dodger outfielder. Just last week I picked up my first Dodgers' Living Set card on eBay - it was of Yasiel Puig - and I am very happy with it. I think I'll be adding the rest of the set to my collection soon. BTW, you can often find them on eBay at prices well below what they cost directly from Topps.

Campanella Played the Outfield? -- Vintage Dodger Correspondence at Huggins & Scott Auctions

Here's a little bit of Dodger history found at Higgins and Scott Auctions. Featured above is a December 9, 1947 letter written by minor league catcher Roy Campanella to a chap named Al -- who is assumed to be then Dodger scout Al Campanis. (Auction Link Here)
Hi Al, 
Just a few lines to say I am well & getting along fine & also hope you are doing the same. Our team is in first place, with a two & half game lead. Newcombe hasn’t lost a game as yet, won his first five starts. 
Sal Ragovin [sic] is here also, we beat him last Sunday two to nothing, it was his first loss in five games. Max Surkont arrived here last week, he is playing with the same team Ragovin [sic] is on. 
Drop me a line, when you get time. What is this talk about me, playing the outfield?  (emphasis mine) Write by air mail $.10. 
As always, Campy.

2018 Topps High Tek - The Dodgers Insert Cards

Here's a look at the handful of Dodger inserts found in packs of 2018 Topps High Tek. Go here to check out the base cards.

High Tek Autographs

  • #HT-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Redemption Card
  • #HT-SK Sandy Koufax -- Redemption Card
#HT-AV Alex Verdugo       #HT-WB Walker Buehler

Blog Kiosk: 11/7/2018 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

I love the look of satisfaction on the face of Dodgers manager Walter Alston in the International News press photo above, dated October 6, 1955 (eBay auction link). It was taken following the Dodgers first world championship -- after all the parties and celebration throughout Brooklyn. Per the description attached to the reverse:
Hail and Farewell -- Brooklyn Manager Walkter Alston, carrying his baggage and a few bats, takes a last look over Ebbets Field before leaing for a long vacation. Brooklynites nursed the father of all hangovers as a result of the cataclysmic celebration that followed the Dodgers winning the first World Series in the history of the borough.
I know, one day, I'll know this feeling too. Below are more links to check out: