Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Delwyn Young Joins the Big Club

Welcome to Dodger Stadium Mr. Young. He joins the team to replace Betemit.
Young, 25, a member of the 2001 Riverside Community College state championship team, is hitting .343 with 44 doubles, 16 home runs and 79 RBI in 101 games for the Stars.
Diamond also adds the follow quote from Ned Colletti.
"It was the most unbalanced market I've seen," Colletti said. "The asking prices far exceeded the player."
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Steroid Awareness Clinic

This is just too funny.
The Dodgers already are tweaking the Giants, scheduling a "steroid awareness clinic" before Thursday's game. And if Bonds hasn't hit a home run by the end of that evening, it's on to San Diego, the land of the giant syringe.
Wow. I hadn't heard of this. There should be national referendum requiring steroid awareness clinics in every city Bonds and the Giants play this year.

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What Will the Dodgers Do?

Diamond Leung of The Press Enterprise let's us know about the Dodgers plans if Bonds were to break the record at Dodger Stadium.
"Our plan in the event of a home run is to acknowledge the home run's significance on DodgerVision and allow Barry to tip his cap and be acknowledged by the crowd."
Dodger spokesman Josh Rawitch made a funny. I'm sure the Dodger fanbase will express their gratitude.

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Jason Stark mentions Troy Percival as possibly heading towards the Blue Crew.
For a guy who was so officially retired, he threw out the first pitch on opening day in L.A. of Anaheim, Percival sure has pitched well since the Cardinals signed him (3.07 ERA, .212 opponent average, 15 whiffs in 14 2/3 IP). But here's a development even more surprising: The Cardinals have been offering him around over the last 24 hours. And there have been rumblings Tuesday that the Dodgers were actively exploring bringing Percival back to Southern California -- in this case, Los Angeles of Los Angeles -- for a mid-level prospect. Could be a name to watch as the deadline approaches.
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Vinny's Retort

I had previously written about Dave Roberts and his pleading for Barry Bonds. He had said,
"These are 55,000 fans ... who'd be fortunate enough to be a part of history. So be a part of history and make it the great moment that it is. Don't tarnish it by acts of cruelty or whatever. Be above that.
In a previous LA Times article over a year ago Vinny stated thusly.
“I would just as soon it not happen against the Dodgers,” Scully said. “With Aaron, it was a privilege to be there when he did it. It was just a great moment. With Bonds, no matter what happens now, it will be an awkward moment. That’s the best word I can think of now. If I had my druthers, I would rather have that awkward moment happen to somebody else.”
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Betemit for Proctor

Did we just do a trade with the Yankees?
"The Dodgers and Yankees have agreed in principle on a trade that would send reliever Scott Proctor to the Dodgers for infielder Wilson Betemit."
I can't help but feel that we got burned on this one. Sure, Betemit has been pretty dismal at the plate, but his ceiling appears to be high and he is OPS is at .834. Of course, he has been talked about in glowing terms for a long time and that shining star everyone thought he was has yet to fully brighten the sky. This may very well be a trade that helps solidify our bullpen while, at the same time, won't give us heartburn at the sight of Betemit. Maybe he is at his ceiling right now.

Scott Proctor Stats.
"Proctor is 2-5 with a 3.81 ERA, and his 54 1/3 innings out of the Yankees' bullpen are tied for fourth-most among AL relievers."
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