Friday, January 16, 2015

Dodgers FanFest Autograph Schedule and Events have been Announced!

The Dodgers have just announced the player autograph schedule for their main fan event to kick in the new season.  FanFest will be on Saturday, January 31st at Dodger Stadium starting from 10:00 Am to 4:00 PM, and it is free for all.  For the first time it will be held within the stadium itself (instead of the parking lots like in years past).  Go here for more information.

Like last year, fans must purchase autograph voucher tickets online in order to get autographs.  Vouchers are $20.00 each, and the sale begins the week of January 19th (next week).  For each voucher you will get an autograph from each signer in your line.  For instance, if you get a voucher for Session 1, Line 1 you will get an autograph of both Paco Rodriguez and Eric Karros.  Go here for more information.  Below is the announced schedule:

Also, for the first time the Dodgers are offering special VIP experiences for FanFest.  This includes a clubhouse tour, press box tour and several different meet & greets with the newest players to join the club.  Tickets will also be sold next week online.  I do not know what the prices are for these events.  Go here for more information.  Below are descriptions of each one.

This should be an absolute blast, and if you're aching to get some Dodger signatures I suggest making this coming Monday open for you to go online.  BTW, there will once again be a Dodger Foundation Mystery Bag sale that includes a mystery Dodger autograph.  Also, the Dodger Foundation will hold a yard sale that will include jerseys, T-shirts and more.

Take a look back at my past post on this event from prior years below.  There are plenty of photos to look through.

Here is a video from the Dodgers.

Video Link:

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2014 Panini National Treasures - The Dodger Base Cards

Here is a final look at 2014 National Treasures.  Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.  This time I share pics of the various base relic/autograph cards that can be found.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see the Jackie Robinson card, so I'll update this post when it pops up.  Unlike most card sets the base cards in National Treasures are not the most common.  Instead, they can be just as scarce as any other relic or autographed card.

The base portion of the set are numbered to 224 cards, and consist of either a relic piece or autograph & relic.  There are also a handful of variations available that include nicknames.  Go here for a complete checklist.

Base Set

#25 Jackie Robinson

#31 Roy Campanella                                   #46 Duke Snider

Blog Kiosk: 1/16/2015 - Dodger Links - Puig the Gamer and Sweeney to the Next Level

Yasiel Puig has been tearing up the interwebs lately.  He's been posting up pics and videos on almost a daily basis on his instagram account, and the above vintage B&W is my favorite.  Yesterday, on #Throwback Thursday, he put up proof that he's been a gamer since he was a little tyke, and like many folks he started out with a Nintendo.

Below are some more links to check out:
But beyond that, the WDP (Winter Development Program) has also struck me as a major organizational retreat, a moment for the Dodgers’ new leadership to stamp its open-minded, thoughtful direction throughout the franchise.
“Some of it is a little new as far as what they’re really looking for, (but) when you hear Alex and you hear these guys talk about it and you get further in depth about the numbers, you start putting things together,” Dodger pitching prospect Zach Lee said. “I kind of had a little problem with last year, trying to get over some things mentally, when errors or things didn’t necessarily go the right way, rather than taking three or four pitches to reset, kind of resetting right away. And you realize that those things don’t really matter in the long run. Just continue to execute, continue to do things the way you’re taught to do, and things will work themselves out.”
From Larkin, he said he’s learned the following:
“His thing is it’s definitely a physical game, but you need to exercise the mental part of it, too. You have to make sure you visualize yourself being successful. Make sure before the game you visualize what you have to do, and after the game you go through the game, play it back in your head (and think), ‘I could have done this better.’ ”
From Gordon:
“How he reads pitches. His jumps. (And) have fun. He’s one of those guys who always has a smile on his face. That’s what I always want to do is play the game right and have fun.”

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