Sunday, February 24, 2008

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If it doesn't get linked was it posted?
  • Mark at LA Dodger Talk finds some great comments from a Dodger fan at Vero Beach.
    During batting practice Andruw Jones and Matt Kemp put on a show… Wow, I said the other day the Jones did not have much pop. Forget that he hit the ball hard and long.. If these guys Jones and Kemp hit behind each other it would be like Boston Ortiz and Manny… Juan Pierre and Garciaparra did very well also…
    A fan asked Andre Ethier if he had a spot in the lineup and he said –It would not be hard to change to another team if not welcome here…
Andre seems to be a bit unhappy.
  • Wax Heaven finds a great vintage video clip of Babe Ruth vs. Walter Johnson.

YouTube Link: schea:
  • Don't miss Tony Jackson's story about first-time Spring Training camp invitee John Lindsey.
  • Diamond Leung tells us that Joe Beimel fan is going to Vero! Congrats! You'll enjoy every second.
  • Next years World Baseball Classic will have Los Angeles as its host for the semi's and final according to Roberto.
  • MSTI provides a helpful guide for those that are Vero bound. UPDATE: My lone recommendation is Bobby's Restaurant at 3450 Ocean Drive. All Dodger fans heading to Vero Beach should go here! The place is filled with Dodger photos. You know the movie "Defending Your Life." If you were Albert Brooks (as a deceased Dodger fan) in that film and having dinner in the afterlife you would be going to Bobby's.

Early Spring Training Pics

Slowly but surely photos from the Dodgers last stay at Vero Beach are showing up. Thanks frankat1stbase3 for sharing. I'm gonna miss that place. Clayton Kershaw

Bill Mueller signing for fans.

Keep the pics coming. If you get out there this Spring please share your photos by putting them online and letting me know. I'll provide a link. After all, you can never get enough of Dodger Baseball.

Photo Link: frankat1stbase3:

Russell Takes Saito Deep

Saito receives praise from Torre during his first workout and faced Russell Martin for the first time.
This isn't only deception," Torre said. "He has command. He has a number of pitches he can go to. He can locate the breaking ball away. As a hitter, I can tell you, ideally, you'd like to go up and look for one pitch. When a pitcher gets in trouble, he'll go to his bread and butter. I think he's got some options here.
Saito buckled Martin's knees with a curveball, causing Torre to chuckle later when recalling the pitch. Martin took Saito deep, but said he didn't make solid contact and that the ball was carried by the strong winds blowing through Holman Stadium.
Story Link: LA Times: