Thursday, October 05, 2006

No Room to Be Depressed

Following the meme started by Jon at Dodger Thoughts it is no time to give up on the Mighty Men in Blue.

We have faced every obstacle imaginable this year. Don't you dare walk away with our heads down when the season is far from over.

Cheer up! Go to bed tonight with a clear head. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and stretch out your limbs. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning and it will rise again on Saturday.

Today is Another Day

I woke up this morning still wondering, "what happened at home?"

Oh well, we all shouldn't be surprised. Baseball is a funny game. Just when you think you've figured it out something completely crazy happens to cause you to pause.

Fortunately, today is another game and the series is far from over.

My excitement remains high, but I'm a bit more tempered today. Yesterday was a humbling game.