Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ely Mania Continues

John Ely wouldn't have walked Eddie Gaedel (@TrueBlueLA)

Despite giving up a first inning walk to Brandon Inge, John Ely continued to impress. After a rocky start, he settled down and scattered 8 hits- 3 of which came in the first inning. He went a total of 6 innings while walking 1 and giving up only 2 first inning runs.

It is looking more and more like Ely is sewing up a permanent position on our starting pitching staff.

BTW, the Dodger won to give Ely his third win in a row. Kemp and Casey Blake hit homers, and DeWitt knocked in two with a triple in the fourth inning.

First place feels mighty good.

Vintage Dodger Snapshot: Bill Russell

There is nothing better than snapshots of your favorite players. They are moments in time captured through the eyes of the fan. Like family heirlooms they are certain to invoke memories of your time with family, friends and your favorite team.

Below is a photo of a very young Bill Russell. eBay seller, sportslot, has a whole bunch of these kind of photos up, so feel free to do some window shopping. I'll be sure to highlight some more over the next week or so.

More Empire Strikes Back Night Pics

The Southern California Garrison of the 501st Legion: Vader's Fist was well represented at Dodger Stadium last night for Empire Strikes Back Night. Courtesy of this garrisons site I ran across tons of more pics. You gotta check them out- especially the Dodger Blue Vader. From artoodetoo on Flickr. Just awesome.

We Are Crazy

I read this with a smile.
Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde knows what to expect when warming up in the visitors bullpen at Dodger Stadium after six years in the National League with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros.

“The fans in L.A. are the craziest,” Valverde said. “L.A. and New York are the two places where, oh my goodness, it’s crazy.
That's what I call exhibiting Blue passion. You see, we want to rattle the opposing pitchers out of the pen. We don't want you to do well. Just don't be like Philadelphia. No need to throw anything at the players.

Todays Players are Wussies

I mean it. Ball players today use these giant gloves that extend their fingers out like wings and lessen that sting when a ball comes flying in them at 100 mph. Now take a look at a glove a fielder used in 1880's. You might as well use your bare hands. Of course, less than 10 years later gloves started being produced with more padding and webs between the fingers. Still, they pale in comparison to what we see today.

This particular glove is a modified "fingerless" glove available in Legendary Auctions current offering. It is likely that it did have fingers to it at one time, but were subsequently cut off. Check out more vintage gloves here at the Baseball Glove Collector.

1947 Dodger Tie

1947 was a magical year for the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson had broken the color barrier as the teams first baseman and the team found themselves in the World Series after a 6 year hiatus. Unfortunately, they lost to the Yankees in 7 games, but at least they won the pennant as National League Champions.

Above is a vintage tie from the old borough that celebrates the teams feats from that year as it includes the handwritten names of 26 Dodger players on it. It is made of silk and appears to have been well used by a proud fan. Of great coincidence, the tie happens to measure 47 inches in length. Check it out at Legendary Auction.