Friday, November 18, 2011

An Brief Artist Interview: Tommervik

I was recently checking out eBay and ran across a series of original paintings that caught my eye. Now, I'm not an art aficionado, by any means, but I do take note of things I like. I was struck by the abstract view of these Dodgers ballplayers in action.

They were painted by Tommervik who has been very prolific. There are 145 paintings listed on eBay, and the range of subject matters not only includes sports but also pop culture. The opening asking prices are exorbitant, but I believe the artist is looking for offers to consider. I did a little bit of research and found that this artist has been written about before, most notably on various Star Wars websites. Check out an interview on TorWars here. I figured I should give it a try and communicate with the artist myself, as well.
(Auction Link)

Thanks for taking the time to write back to me. Do you have any artistic influences?

My artistic influence is painting, I like all different types of genres. I like art history.
How long have you been painting? Did you study art? If so, where?
I have been painting since I was 19, I am 32 now. I studied classical painting and drawing at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada.
I had noticed on your website and in other works offered for sale on eBay that you have some strong pop culture references. From Star Wars to Pee Wee Herman to Scooby Doo you seem to have distinct attachments to your subjects. What is it about popular culture that drives you to paint it?

Nothing about popular culture drives me to paint. I use the subjects to explore and come up with new ways to paint things in an abstract way. I paint things based on the shape and color.
You have a large number of sports related paintings, as well as many different teams. Are you a fan of the teams and sports you paint, or is there something else that influences your choice of subjects?

I am not really a fan of anything besides art and painting. I do enjoy sports. My favorite sport to watch is basketball. I watched baseball when I was younger and my favorite player was Ken Griffey Jr.
I saw that you had 3 different Dodger paintings, but don’t appear to have multiples of other teams. Does that mean you’re a Dodger fan? If not, where do you place your sports allegiances?

I am not a Dodgers fan, but I like the uniforms and logo. I have painted quite a few Pete Rose paintings, and one New York York Yankees painting.

What would you say is your favorite painting you’ve done? And what subject matter is your favorite to paint?

I have many favorite paintings, I could not pick just one. I do not have a favorite subject matter but I have two favorite ways to paint, and I would call them both abstract.
Thank you for allowing me to feature your paintings here at Blue Heaven, Tommervik. Feel free to check out and the facebook page to see this artist other works and, of course, head over to eBay to make an offer on anything you like.


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