Saturday, January 30, 2010

Restraining Order?

A new rumor has just come out on the Blowout Cards Forum. Supposedly, a restraining order has been place on all new Upper Deck Baseball products related to an infringement on Major League Baseball Properties and Topps exclusive license on the trademarks.

Anyone know more about this?

Has MLBP filed a cease and desist order or have they only, so far, asked wholesalers to stop selling the product?

As you may know, the newly release 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate includes some cards with photos that clearly show team emblems. This would seem to be in violation of the exclusive license signed between MLBP and Topps. See some examples below.

A Sterling 2009 Jackie

Topps just released their high-end Baseball card product called 2009 Sterling and, already, the key Dodger find is up on eBay. It's a Jackie Robinson triple-patch auto "1 of 1" card. Awesome, just awesome. Already it is over $1,500.00 in heavy bidding.

BTW, these boxes (which usually has just about 5 cards in it) will run you over $200 each so they certainly aren't for the weak at heart.

Ultimate Dodgers

Upper Deck recently released their 2009 Ultimate Baseball product (a little strange considering it's already 2010, but I digress) and it has already proven to consist of some incredible cards. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Now keep in mind that boxes will run for about $85.00 - $95.00 for just 4 cards. So they aren't cheap.

Of course, who cares about Beckham and Jeter found on the video above on this blog, so let me get to some Dodgers I found on eBay last night.The above Kemp card is a quad-patch card with a Kemp signature. I really like the "Ultimate Inscription" card of Kemp the best, though. "Go Dodgers."
Here is a James Loney large patch card..