Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 Topps Now -- #390 -- Bellinger's Clutch 8th Inning Homer

Here is the newest Cody Bellinger 2017 Topps Now card, and it celebrates last night's eighth inning heroics. As you surely know, he belted a deciding three-run home run to propel the Dodgers to victory. Per Rhett Bollinger and Ken Gurnick at MLB.com:
"We saw it early. There's no panic. He hits right-handed pitching, left-handed pitching. He doesn't scare off in the moment." -- Roberts, on Bellinger

Welcome to the Blue, Edward Paredes!

Who doesn't love a Baseball Lifer?

These are the guys who toil day in and day out playing the game they love for little pay -- oftentimes, well past the generally accepted prime for a ballplayer. Nevertheless, they grind it out and they never relent -- which is why Edward Paredes story is so compelling. He has all the hallmarks of todays Dodgers -- you keep working and fighting til the very end.

Blog Kiosk: 7/25/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

This team is ridiculous. After falling behind in the late innings of last nights game the Dodgers barreled back to steal another win. Unsurprisingly, it was Cody Bellinger who provided the knock out punch with a three-run homer in the eighth inning. Per Rhett Bollinger and Ken Gurnick at MLB.com:
"When we're behind, we don't quit, we find a way to win and play to the last out," said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. "As long as there's outs on the board, we believe we can win. It was a team win."
I'm starting to believe... Like, really believe...

The above photo via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2017. Go here to check out more pics by Jon and Jill Weisleder from yesterdays game. Below are more links to check:

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Topps Now -- #388 -- Logan Forsythe's Walk-Off Single on Sunday

Last nights extra innings heroics earns Logan Forsythe his second 2017 Topps Now card of the season -- his first featured him paired with Clayton Kershaw. In fact, that first Topps Now card from late-May is very similar to this new Topps Now card. In late-May, he delivered a 13 inning walk-off double to help defeat the Cardinals. This new Topps card celebrates a 10th inning walk-off single by Forsythe to help defeat the Braves. Go here to check it out and order. Per the description on the reverse:

Norman Rockwell's Original Study for "Tough Call" on Auction - His Greatest Work that Features the Dodgers

When I first saw this auction listing I was excited. Then I realized I'm no millionaire, so the best thing I can do is briefly write about it here. Featured is an original Norman Rockwell study that eventually lead to the creation of his greatest (in my opinion) work of art. It dates to 1948 and it is the precursor to Rockwell's painting named Tough Call. The original artwork permanently resides at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. (Auction Link)

I'll let the auction description tell you all about it.
The offered creation is the study for a painting that appeared upon the April 23, 1949 cover of The Saturday Evening Post, a work that now resides in the permanent collection of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Arguably the most famous of all baseball-related Rockwells, the painting is officially entitled, "Tough Call," but is known alternately as both "Game Called Because of Rain, Bottom of the Sixth" and "The Three Umpires."

2017 Allen & Ginter - The Dodgers RIP Cards and Mini Exclusives

Here's a look at not only the Dodgers' RIP cards found in packs of 2017 Allen & Ginter, but also a peek at all of the Dodgers' Mini Exclusive cards found only within the RIP cards. Go here to check out all of my past post on this set.

As you know, RIP cards hold a hidden surprise. You can find an Artist Originals (1/1), Mini Metal (#/3) or Mini Wood (1/1) cards. Also inserted are Mini Exclusives that add more cards to the 350 card set base -- for a total of 400 cards (the last 50 of which are the below short-printed mini's). Of those extra 50 cards five of them are Dodger players. You can see all of them below. I've also included a checklist for the four Dodgers' Artist's Originals drawings that are available, and share a pic of the Clayton Kershaw card drawn by noted artist Brian Kong.

Mini Exclusives (found only in RIP cards)

#375 Julio Urias                   #381 Clayton Kershaw