Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tommy Speaks the Truth!

Oh how I miss those weekend afternoon pep talks with Tommy Lasorda on the television. He would mold my impressionable mind with stories of the great Dodger in the sky and the moral righteousness of Dodger Blue. It is his fault I'm a rabid unapologetic die-hard Dodger fan.

So, I'm happy to report that the great preacher of Chavez Ravine hasn't lost a step. From the LA Times.
Tom Lasorda served as the master of ceremonies at the 82nd annual Assn. of Professional Ball Players of America banquet Saturday night in Long Beach.

Lasorda spotted Gerald Pickens, head of the Compton Baseball Academy Teams youth program, in the audience wearing an Angels jacket.

"I would appreciate it if the guy with the Angels jacket would get out of here," Lasorda said. "The only Angels are ex-Dodgers and they're all in heaven."
That's right! Welcome to a Blue Heaven!

Happy Birthday Jackie!

I wanted to take this time to mention that today is Jackie Robinson's 88th birthday.

Also, other Hall of Fame Birthday's on this day include Ernie Banks and Nolan Ryan.

Other birthdays include the Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten.