Friday, April 21, 2006

The Robert Edwards Auction

I'm really excited about this one. Some incredible stuff here. From the Toleteros Joshua Gibson "Black Wagner" to the large collections of 19th century Baseball trade cards. I forgot to mention that I love those old 19th century Victorian baseball themed trade cards. They have great old images that express the early innocence of the game and the perceived rough-house nature of the game. Let me share a couple from my photo archives.

While Tak'n a Break

Its the 3rd inning, DBacks are at bat with one man on 1st...
So I figured i'd take this break to mention my Baseball Collecting Passion. As you'll soon find out I am a rabid Dodger memorabilia and Baseball card collector. I stroll throughout the web looking for little diamonds to add to my collection. I even go outside from time to time to visit card shows. I usually look for items featuring Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. I'll also search for any pre-80's Dodgers oddball baseball card. Like Bell Brand Sets or individual cards from the Red Man or Stahl Meyer. Press photos, pins and mini penants also find room in all the madness. I also am working on completing numerous different vintage card sets. From the 1952 Topps set to the 1947 Tip Top Bread Baseball set. Lately, I've fallen in love with modern certified autographed insert cards. I know. These modern cards, all shiny and glowing, are worthless. But, Damn! They do look cool autographed. Not only that. There are plenty to chose from. So.. I don't care what anyone thinks. Anyway, I consider myself to be a vintage card collector and will buy almost anything at the right price. Every since eBay, it has become easier finding a way to fulfill my passion.

Karma Baby!!! Karma Baby!!!

The Start of Something New!!!

OK.. so i'm sitting here at the office think'n... ya know, I should make a blog... but about what? I ask myself... Well... I love the Dodgers ... and Baseball... and i'm a fanatical collector of everything Dodgers.. so... why not mix the two... I should express my insane thoughts about the Dodgers and their chances for greatness this year with my passion for buying anything Dodgers... am I sick or twisted or what?????