About Me

“It’s time for Dodger Baseball”

Any True Blue fan can recite from memory the eternal line spoken above.  It is our call to arms like a booming voice from the heavens that instructs true believers. 

Our sage, mentor and muse, Vin Scully, directs our passion towards the game as we follow in lockstep to turn on the TV.  There is a collective smile, as we know that the Dodgers will become our focus for the next few hours. 

The history of the team, which binds us all together, is vast and storied.  It was born out of the Victorian Era, resided in an immigrant culture emblematic of our past and traveled across great lands westward like the settlers of old.  When you watch the Dodgers it’s easy to see them as ourselves. 

You see, this game of Baseball is just an instrument, but the Dodgers are the passionate sounds of a sonnet.  We follow because we must, and I collect because it’s only natural.  Cards, autographs and memorabilia are like photographs in a family album or mementos that remind us of what is good.

So, put your feet up on the table and place your head on the couch.  Rest, relax and put your Blue on.  

This blog is about Dodger Blue passion mixed in with an obsessive compulsive desire to scour the world for rare and interesting Dodger and Baseball collectibles.

My name is Ernest Reyes and welcome to my little blog.  I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoy writing it.  Also, check out my other social media sites by clicking below, or my blogger profile here.

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If you have any questions, comments, tips or items from your collection that you would like to share, then Email Me!  BTW, my email address is:  ernestreyes@dodgersblueheaven.com

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