Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ely Wins

Thank goodness for some terrible Diamondback relief pitching. For a second there I thought the Dodgers would lose another one for the kid. Instead, they hold on and hand Ely his first Major League victory. Congrats!

Something tells me may have found our new #5 pitcher.

(pic from Matts Pen and Paper Heroes)

The Schanizel!

This is probably the coolest poster ever given away at a ballgame, bar none! Wow!

Hat Tip: SOSG:

Dodger Defense Bad All the Way Around

Anybody who has watched a few Dodgers games this year knows that our defense has been terrible. The reduction in the quality of play has been plain to see. Now, our bad defense has been quantified by Baseball-Reference. Check it out. It's not only Blake DeWitt's or Matt Kemp's fault.

Blue Heaven on Facebook

I have just redone a Facebook page for Blue Heaven. Please feel free to click the icon below to check it out.

You will find that I have included a bunch of photos (especially from my Spring Training trips to Vero Beach a few years back), and I will be adding a bunch more over the coming days and weeks. Also, something I want to do is scan a bunch of my Dodger cards there, so stay tuned.

Warholizing Andre

What else can you say about Andre the Amazing, Andre the Magnificent, Andre the Triple Crown Leader? Just don't call him Andre the Giant because he ain't no Giant, he's a Dodger. And what a great Dodger player he has turned out to be. Since the trade that brought him from the Bay Area for Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez, we have been amazed by his talents and hitting prowess. This man is certainly worthy of being warholized.

Jackie Turning Japanese

In the 1950's Fawcett Publications printed up Jackie Robinson comic books sold throughout the country. Six different editions were made. See a complete run of those comics from my collection here. What I didn't know was that a Japanese language version was also made. See it above. The front cover is a reverse image of the original American comic. I wonder if it has the exact same drawings? I'll never know since I was outbid. It sold for $82.00.