Monday, July 06, 2009

Cobb Diary a Forgery

Even the most highly regarded collector gets fooled.

Barry Halper had amassed the hobby's greatest collection of Baseball memorabilia in the world. Within his collection was Ty Cobb's diary that was eventually sold, along with other items, to the Hall of Fame. Nearly a decade later it has been deemed a fake by the FBI.
"We have found that the 1946 Ty Cobb Diary is an unreliable source, not representative of an authentic Ty Cobb artifact. Our suspicions have been confirmed by the FBI statement that 'the written entries are not consistent with the natural writing style of Tyrus R. Cobb.'
Read all about it in an article by Ernie Harwell of the Detroit Free Press.

Hat Tip: Sports Collectors Daily:

Free Admission for Jackson Impersonators

Are you a Michael Jackson fan? Did you get shut out on tickets to his memorial? Well, have no fear, go to the Long Beach Armada Baseball game on Tuesday instead. If you come dressed as Michael you get in for free.
“We wanted to take this opportunity to give Jackson’s fans an outlet to gather and remember a man who changed the landscape of music over the last 40 years,” said Golden Baseball League CEO Dave Kaval. “When you look at how many people want to attend the memorial at Staples Center, we felt the need to give people who don’t win these lottery tickets a chance to come out and honor Jackson along with other fans.”

Fans who dress up like Michael Jackson in any fashion will receive free admission to Tuesday’s game. It doesn’t matter if you’re “Black or White” just as long as the “Man in the Mirror” looks like Michael Jackson, you get in for free.
Talk about shameless promotion.
The game will feature Jackson’s music all-night long, and several appropriate-themed between-inning contests such as a moon-walking contest, a Michael Jackson dance off, as well as great prizes for the winner of a Michael Jackson look-alike contest. And considering the Armada won its last home game in walk-off fashion in the 11th inning in front of more than 2100 fans, you can bet the baseball game itself will be a “Thriller.”
That is so "Bad."

Card of the Week: Job Transfer

Above is a 1992 Upper Deck card of relief pitcher Al Osuna manning the camera. He must have had a bad outing on the mound as he looks to expand his skill set.