Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Welcome Back to LA, Matt Kemp! (For However Long You Stay)

I always though we'd see Matt Kemp in Dodger Blue again.

I just didn't think it would happen this quickly.

Welcome back, Matt Kemp!

As you all know, the ballplayer once heralded as our franchise outfielder has returned to Los Angeles. How long he'll be here is still up in the air. All we do know is that this trade cleared some bad debt off the books -- by trading a package of albatross contracts for Matt Kemp's giant whale of a bad contract.

In other words, this deal really had nothing to do with Baseball. Instead, it was a trade of financial instruments.

2017 Topps Transcendent Collection - All the Dodgers Cards

Here is a look at all the Dodger cards found in one of the 87 briefcase sized boxes of 2017 Topps Transcendent Collection. As you know, this is a very expensive product that cost collectors about $25 grand a pop. For that you get a complete base set, a complete sketch card reproduction set, a complete 50 card Transcendent autographed set, one original sketch card or baseball, three additional autograph cards (including an Aaron Judge) and an invitation to an Hank Aaron event. Go here for a complete checklist.

Icons Base

#1 Jackie Robinson              #24 Clayton Kershaw

Blog Kiosk: 12/19/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Wow! This is fantastic.

Above is a look at Ebbets Field on the day of the very first ballgame played at the stadium. Dated April 5, 1913, it shows a preseason exhibition between Brooklyn and their hated rivals, the New York Yankees. Pitching on the mound is Yankee hurler Ray Caldwell. Per Michael Claire at Cut4:
With 25,000 in attendance and 7,000 others watching "the game from the bluffs that loom above the field," Charles Ebbets had to turn away an additional 10,000 fans who wanted to catch the game. Though fans may have wished the park was a little larger, at least they didn't have to put up with the smell of rotting fish. 
How is that relevant, you wonder? Because the "grasslets" on the new field were fertilized with fish chum, during the offseason it gave off "one of the most aggressive odors known to science." Fortunately that had dissipated long before the stadium's opening. 
BTW, the Dodgers took an early 2-0 lead when Jake Daubert hit a homer and a youthful Casey Stengel hit one inside-the-park. The Yankees would then tie it up in the ninth. Fortunately, the Dodgers won the game during their half of the inning to win it in walk-off style, 3-2.

Photo above via Old-Time Baseball Photos on twitter. Below are more links to check out: